Mon, July 22

Elinski, Jauregui front runners in Cottonwood primary vote
Cottonwood sits tight as election results get tallied

Tim Elinski smiles after hearing results that put him in the lead for mayor of Cottonwood Tuesday night. VVN/Vyto Starinskas

Tim Elinski smiles after hearing results that put him in the lead for mayor of Cottonwood Tuesday night. VVN/Vyto Starinskas

COTTONWOOD - The municipal primary has ended, but final results are still a moving target.

"I was informed by the Yavapai County Elections Department that the unofficial final results will not be ready until early next week, as we will need to wait for all of the provisional ballots to be verified and tallied, " Marianne Jimenez, City Clerk of Cottonwood, said in an email.

Until the final results come in, there is no determination of who won outright in the primary, who moves forward in the general election, and who was eliminated from consideration in the primary, said Jimenez.

As of 2:46 a.m. Wednesday, the following preliminary data was available and has not been updated as of yet:

So far in the race for Cottonwood Mayor, Tim Elinski leads with 756 votes (45.05 percent), Holly Grigaitis came in second with 486 votes (28.96 percent), and Terence Pratt came in third with 436 votes (25.9 percent). Election results will be updated as new data becomes available.

There are three seats available for Cottonwood City Council. So far, Ruben Jauregui leads with 850 votes (22.75 percent), followed by Deb Althouse with 747 votes (19.99 percent, followed by Albert Hilberger with 713 votes (19.08 percent), Jackie Nairn with 711 votes (9.03 percent), and Tosca Henry with 706 votes (18.89 percent. Results will be updated as new election data comes in.

Tuesday night, Elinski said, "Overall, I'm extremely humble. In speaking with people, they are ready for positive change in the community and new leadership. Obviously, they are very concerned about spending and job growth. "

"We worked hard doing the mayoral campaign. I think my years of service and my involvement in different committees has really paid dividends in our success, " said Elinski.

Meanwhile, the apparent second-place finisher in the race for Cottonwood mayor remained upbeat.

"I feel fabulous, " said Grigaitis. "The voters told me I am the right person for the job. The number one concern I hear over and over is our budge and our debt and how we are spending our money. "

"Our elected officials on all levels have been negligent in what really is going on by delegating a lot of powers to bureaucrats instead of being willing to take the fall for their own decisions. We could use some new blood, " she said.

The results were not that much of a surprise to Pratt.

"I didn't think I would do that well for a variety of reasons, " said Pratt. "I think some of it is that I was seen as the establishment candidate for the first time in my life. "

Pratt said he plans to continue contributing to the arts and entertainment of Cottonwood, as well as its parks and recreation.