Thu, Nov. 14

Letter: Can't stand Donald so it's Hillary by default


In this election cycle we have two of the most unfavorable candidates ever to run for president.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Hillary has an unfavorable rating of 59 percent; Trump has 60 percent. Added to her unfavorable, Clinton has more baggage than a 737. (Where was Elizabeth Warren when we needed her?)

Even with all the baggage Clinton is lugging around, Trump has a much larger burden. He is embracing some of the principles of the Alt-Right, a part of the dark online underworld populated by conspiracy theorists, Holocaust deniers, white supremacists, klanners, confederate flag wavers, misogynists, and others heretofore kept out of the limelight but emboldened by Trump's hateful rhetoric.

This is a consequence of Steve Bannon, former chair of Breitbart, being named Trump's campaign CEO. Breitbart is a member of this Alt-Right fringe group.

Bannon is quoted as saying "fear is good - fear makes you do things." That sums up Trump's Campaign - we must fear Mexican immigrants, Muslims, inner cities; anyone not like "us." Trump's awkward foray into Mexico to meet with Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto resulted in Trump being told that Mexico will not pay for the wall.

His so-called immigration policy speech was just another rant that resulted in his Hispanic backers running from him just as a large number of Republicans have.

In addition, we now have Rudy Giuliani telling us what Trump meant during his rant; another trait of Trump -- to have an apologist 'translate' for us what Trump actually meant.

This goes on day after day after day. A President must be able to clearly articulate our Country's position to the American people, and world leaders. The President does not get do-overs. Donald Trump has consistently misrepresented his message to the American people. However, this will not stop the 15 to 20 percent of Trump supporters that will believe anything he says. It's not e ven clear if he really wants to be President, or if he is setting up to invent a new 'news' program.

The Alt-Right thinks Fox news is too nice and too mainstream and the Donald would love to have a new TV show. Hillary Clinton would not be my first choice for President, but considering the alternative she's the best we have. With the election of Clinton it is imperative we also pick up at least four Senate seats, and gaining control of the House would be a godsend; The Supreme Court will be saved.

If you believe everything Donald Trump is saying, I have a two-lane bridge over Beaver Creek in McGuireville I'd like to sell you. It's there, believe me.

Bob Burke

Beaver Creek

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