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Take the challenge: Get out of your comfort zone

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

I totally hear you when you tell me that you don't feel any more like going to the gym. Same old routine, same equipment, same comfy speed on that rat mill, and same faces to exchange pleasantries with.

Well, this means it is time to inject some juice into your fitness routine! Staying - or becoming - fit does not have to be a chore. It can, actually, be quite fun!

First and foremost, as in case of any impeding change, expect some anxiety. No matter if you approach this change by means of going for a week-long retreat to a fitness-oriented resort, hiring a private trainer, taking a new group fitness class, or simply setting up a date with your bestie to go for that long hike. Whatever you decide to do and you haven't been doing it so far is new and you will experience the related stress.

What is all this anxiety about? New endeavors bring with them the embedded chance of failure, of the "what if's". What if I do not have energy to complete that hike/ What if I get injured during my first 5K run? What if the neighbor, relaxing in her yard, sees me jogging along the road and thinks I am too slow? Well, you will be faster than her, sitting in her hammock, and you will be faster than about 99.9% of the population who, at any given time, religiously sits on their respective cabooses and does not move around!

Simply be mindful and acknowledge that fear. Say: "Oh, hi, fear, you are here again. I know why..." - and imagine embracing your worries physically and rocking them in your arms like a baby. Own your fear and be proud of it: you fear the change, therefore, you are alive!

If you don't try new things, you do not give yourself a chance to succeed or to... fail. Failing is really good and it should not be feared, it simply means that you are courageous enough to try something new. It should be highly treasured and respected. Failing develops your resilience, too. Also, sometimes, we just "partially fail", such as when partaking in a new fitness activity and discovering we simply don't enjoy it, so we move forward and try something else.

When you change your routine, it is important to look after yourself. Make sure to take it easier than normally, do not expect a 100 percent (or 200 percent) performance right away, take time to prep that chamomile tea, smell and drink it...

Aim at making only one change a day or even a week, both in terms of what you decide to do and not to do (ex., I will only make that one change of not drinking a glass of wine every night, and I plan to replace it with a glass of organic beet juice in my tall wine glass, instead). Believe me, one small change will be plenty - been there, done that!

And then, once you are back on your fitness path, please be sure to variate the activities/exercises you do. This way, your body will be surprised each and every time you train it and it will not get used to the same old. Which, in turn, will result in a way higher metabolic rate and calorie burning every single day, even while at rest. I promise!

Homeostasis is useful and needed, but from time to time, it is truly crucial to get out of your comfort zone - to pursue our dreams and wants and to simply feel alive.

Magdalena is the owner of the "Be Fit Fit" Personal Training and Wellness Coaching Studio ( Her "Be Fit Fit" Blog can be read on

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