Mon, March 30

Letter: Vote for Trump not a vote for honor and integrity


The supporters of Donald Trump are a unique group. They all know he's self-centered, self-serving, a narcissist, a bigot and racist. When asked, they say they don't care.

He's insulted just about everyone. His latest is our military and generals. This, along with his praise of the Russia's dictator, Putin certainly makes him no patriot. Our country has many problems, but there's no country better.

College educated people do not support Trump and it's not about intelligence. There's many intelligent people who are not college educated. It's about manipulation. Trump is a master of manipulation. That's why he's been compared so often to Hitler and various cult leaders.

College educated people are well versed and practiced in critical thinking. They research, question and get the facts. They don't follow blindly are not easily manipulated nor easily fooled.

As for the evangelical voters I hope they've paid attention to a couple of disturbing comments made by Trump. One was when his daughter was 16 and he referred to her as being "hot." The other has been since she's become an adult and he said, I'd probably be dating her if she wasn't my daughter." These comments border on perversion in my opinion.

When you have so many respected Republican leaders who cannot and will not support Trump tells us a lot. They know he's dangerous for our country. They are putting the good of our country ahead of politics and their party. This says their honor and integrity cannot be bought.

Cindy Harms


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