Thu, April 09

Letter: Why I will vote for Donald Trump


He isn't Hillary Clinton. I would take ANYBODY over HRC.

I would take Sanders. I would take Biden, Jeb Bush, Romney, even John McCain, and I don't much care for McCain.

Hillary has stated that it is her goal to disarm America; sure, she is just talking about so-called assault weapons right now, but she would take every gun if she could.

Hillarycare, as she proposed in 1994, would have made it illegal for someone to see a doctor outside of the government run healthcare system, and illegal for a doctor to treat a patient outside the government system; you would not be able to pay for your own treatment if you wished, you would be forced into the same substandard care every one else was forced into. She will try to turn Obamacare into Hillarycare

Trump will not pack the Supreme Court with constitutional revisionists who want to reinterpret the Constitution to suit a liberals perfect fantasy of a RIGHT to free heath care, a RIGHT to a guaranteed income, a RIGHT to housing, a RIGHT to "feel safe." HRC will.

Trump, though not perfect, is not a self-serving, influence peddling, position selling for profit, chameleon.

I do NOT consider wanting people in this country illegally to either have to leave, or register as an alien, being racist.

Hillary belongs to the same club of ruling East Coast elites as Bush, Romney, McCain, etc, she is just a little more radical than the Republicans I mentioned. They are all beholden to large corporations, at the expense of ordinary Americans.

Trump is NOT part of that club, which is why the establishment hates him, he is threatening to upset their apple cart. Trump may not be a true conservative (as some say he isn't), but maybe he will act like one, but even if he doesn't, he won't, he CAN'T be as bad for the country as HRC.

Oh, and I am college educated with a bachelor's in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Philosophy, but I wasn't indoctrinated in liberalism while in college.

Doug Melton

Camp Verde

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