Tue, June 25

Letter: At least Trump has a policy


How bad were the elections in 08, 12, pretty bad, Remember Hillary WOW, what mouth, spewing hatred about Obama and him back at her. Ronald Reagan was hated as outsider and movie star but he had a vision for America a good one, the U.S. thrived.

The baggage that Hillary has, has caused people to be killed. The lack of disregard for the National Security of the United States has put all of our military and American citizens in harm's way. (Executive Order 13526 Classified National Security Information, signed by executive order Dec. 29, 2009 by President Obama) Part 5, Sec. 5.1, Confidential, Secret, documents, individual will be fired or jailed for not being responsible for documents . The FBI said extreme carelessness. Anyone else would have been fired, classes must be attended every two years to safe guard classified information. Do you realize that with her computer and emails could have been intercepted and that is why 4 men died in Benghazi. What if it were your loved one? Would you want her making that decision?

The letter brought up that Mr. Trump was part of the Alt-Right (Alternative Right) not true, the group may wish to align themselves with him, but according to Wikipedia it is just that, their words.

Well if telling the truth is fear, so be it, we need to hear it. Illegal is the operative word, Trump said he will return all illegal Mexicans and other criminals to their country of origin; $47,000 a year for a prisoner with approx. 23,000 (40%) Illegal's, costing $5,681,000 of our tax dollars (million) for illegal's that hurt American Citizens. Islamic Muslim Terrorist that we fight against, not the Muslim communities that wish to live in the U.S. in peace. The Inner cities will be brought back with jobs, and good schools. Trump has never said anything different.

Hillary has said nothing, except she will bring more foreigners in; with out vetting and keep our borders open, cut our military, police need to have more restraints. She does all of this while receiving funds from investors that believe in killing woman and homosexuals. No money goes to U.S. Charities to help our people, always to other countries. What about our poor, homeless and hungry.

Trump's immigration policy speech, you say another rant, at least he has a policy. Hillary has given us nothing.

Voting for a third party, is a throw-away, as no third party will ever be elected, so if you are against the Republican or Democrats, your vote is lost.

Lettie Irons Connell

Wanbli Wanyan - Eagle Woman

Camp Verde