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Camp Verde softball scores their fourth straight rout at Sedona

Amber Dodge runs home to complete her inside the park home run on Friday at Sedona Red Rock. Camp Verde won 19-0, their fourth straight win by at least 11 runs. (VVN/James Kelley)

Amber Dodge runs home to complete her inside the park home run on Friday at Sedona Red Rock. Camp Verde won 19-0, their fourth straight win by at least 11 runs. (VVN/James Kelley)

SEDONA — Camp Verde High softball cruised past Sedona Red Rock to win their win fourth straight game by at least 11 runs.

The No. 4 Lady Cowboys beat the Scorpions 19-0 on Friday afternoon to improve to 6-1 in power points games and 2-0 in the Central Region.

24-4 at Glendale Prep but Friday’s game they faced a familiar face in the circle: junior Natalie Monge, who plays for CV head coach Henry Smith’s travel ball team in Camp Verde, Juggernaut Softball.

“All week was good,” Henry Smith said. “We started off playing a game Tuesday and we had a really good week of practice, probably our best week of practice we’ve ever had, so we were excited to see what we could (Friday) off of Natalie, who’s a good pitcher.”

Camp Verde jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first inning and then kept piling on more runs.

“I think it went pretty well, we played how we should play, better than we have been,” said junior Tyra Smith.

While the Lady Cowboys lit up the scoreboard, well if it was on, Henry Smith also praised their defense and pitching, like Tiauna Day and their three freshmen pitchers: Jacy Finley, Jordyn Cowsert and Hailey Moore.

“Our defense was solid, Tiauna made a couple really good plays and Jacy came in and started the game and shut them out, so we were able to make some early changes and got JoJo Cowsert in there to carry us through most of the game and then we were able to use our third pitcher in Hailey, who came in late as a pitcher,” Henry Smith said. “So we were able to use her All three freshmen were able to pitch (Friday) It was good to see that and it’s a bright future for those three.”

While it was a rivalry win, Henry Smith said they didn’t know that many of the other Scorpions players, besides Natalie Monge and her sophomore sister Hailey Monge.

Henry Smith said he expects Natalie Monge to be doing well in high school play this season.

“I’m pretty sure she’s doing well, she’s a good ball player,” Henry Smith said. “I don’t do much stat tracking but I’m confident. She’s a solid ball player, she’s always willing to do whatever it takes to compete.”

Camp Verde hosts Sedona Red Rock on April 18.

“She’s always been pretty good, so we just had to focus on how we need to bat well,” Tyra Smith said.

Sedona Red Rock came in ranked No. 31 and with a 1-2 region record, sit in fourth place.

Camp Verde dropped a spot in the rankings, to fourth. They beat No. 3 Santa Cruz Valley 17-6 but that was in a tournament, results that aren’t factored into the rankings.

Since tinkering with their line up at the Grace Lee Haught Memorial, the Lady Cowboys have been dominant.

Tyra Smith said they’re playing as they should have in the beginning of the season.

“I think we’re doing really well,” Tyra Smith said. “We’re working better together than we were in the beginning and tournaments and stuff, we’re getting a lot better.”

Camp Verde’s next game is on Tuesday when they host No. 16 Paradise Honors at 3:45 p.m.

Henry Smith that while Camp Verde is doing well right now, it is “neat” that they still have room to grow.

“It’s go time now and they’re excited,” Henry Smith said. “We put a lot of thought early in the season, I think we were over thinking and somewhat over playing. So now we’re pretty much over that and they know what they need to do and they’re aware of their jobs and they’re willing to execute those certain tasks that we’re giving them.”

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