Mon, Jan. 20

Letter: It was me who messed up; not once, but twice


The only thing worse than making a mistake, is to make the same mistake twice!

I owe your readers and Dr. Jane Whitmire a public apology.

Dr. Whitmire has recently joined the Board of Directors of the Yavapai County Education Foundation (YCEF). This is an awesome group of volunteers that work very hard to raise funds to provide recognition and incentives through a county wide Teacher of the Year Program and with School and Classroom Mini Grants.

They provide a well deserved pat on the back to outstanding local educators every year and they help fund classroom and school wide projects that cannot be funded by the school itself.

As we normally do, when new Board Members join the Board, we provide a picture and press release to local media providing information about the individual(s) and about the foundation.

The news release welcomed Dr. Whitmire and Mr. Richard Heath to the Board. Routinely we include information about their education, work experience and other related items. I wrote the press release.

After it had been published in your paper (and thank you for that), it was brought to my attention by a member of my staff that I had left off a very important aspect of Dr. Whitmire’s education, the fact that she earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Northern Arizona University in Political Science. My mistake.

So, to correct the omission and to give credit where credit is clearly due, I rewrote the article and included that provision. Unfortunately, the original article was attached, not the corrected copy. My second mistake.

And now I feel badly. Dr. Whitmire was not appropriately credited with a degree that she earned ... not once, but twice. I apologize to her and to your readers that were subjected to a lack of factual information about this appointment.

This should in no way be a negative reflection on the Yavapai County Education Foundation or of Dr. Whitmire. This one is completely on me. We will move on with a commitment to better attention to detail in the future.

Tim Carter

Yavapai County School Superintendent

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