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Coaches’ corner: wrestlers from all over state flock to Camp Verde

Tourism was great this weekend as New Breed Wrestling continues to bring in huge flocks of people into our town bringing tourism dollars with them. In attendance were club teams from Prescott, Tempe, Sunkist, Peoria, Desert Ridge, Bagdad, Flagstaff, Page, Grapplers, Coconino, Holbrook, Basha, Olympus, Mingus, AZ Champs, Mountain View, Perry, Ironwood, Goodyear, Liberty, Pinnacle, Chino Valley, Bradshaw, Mountain Ridge, Tuma Catholic, Dysart, Gilbert, Chandler, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Sunrise Mountain, Phoenix, Mesa, Elmirage, Carl Hayden, Granite Mountain, West-View, Cactus, Desert Edge, Buckeye, and Higley.

In the Girl’s division, Cynthia Henson continues to impress as she competes against boys in order for her to prepare for Girls State next year. She does not let setbacks she has experienced against boys, hold her back from pursuing her dreams. She gives her all to everything and never makes excuses for herself. Cynthia is courteous, a person of integrity, has self control and a spirit not to be dominated by the pressures of everyday life. Cynthia is a soft-spoken young lady who has demonstrated a strong inclination to academic achievement. She is hardworking, disciplined, compassionate and articulate. Her coaches are very proud of her.

In the Elementary division, Logan Johnson put on a great show and placed 2nd. This young man is working extremely hard during the off-season and demonstrates his great potential when facing strong adversaries. He shook off all doubts/fears and competed with such intensity that it overwhelmed all his challengers. We are very happy to have this caliber of a young man in our program. He is our future and will help Camp Verde maintain its level of high competitiveness.

To be a great wrestler you must have the desire to be the best, a desire to dominate on the mat. You must have a burning passion, a commitment and dedication to excel through sacrifices that must be made. It takes a high tolerance for pain. You have to be able to put up with a lot of pain, from pushing your body to its limits. This best describes Jared Gorda who took first place. Most athletes are not willing to sacrifice partying/drinking and the normal life for something much more rewarding. Most athletes aren’t willing to do this because they are content with fitting in and being mediocre. Jared chooses to challenge himself and be the best that he can be.

Adrian Sanchez has recently turned into a machine. Something finally clicked upstairs and he has decided to stop doubting. He has learned that if you don’t believe in yourself, you’re not going to win. He now avoids negative thoughts from circulating his mind. In this sport 80 percent of it is mental. Success will only come with a positive mental attitude. In one of his recent matches when his back was against the wall, he kicked it up another level and really dug deep to earn the victory. It was an exciting moment for us coaches and his peers who stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

Bryan Caballero wrestled an extremely smart tournament. He outworked his opponents and took advantage of their mistakes. Bryan worked his way through the tournament by collecting a fall, a major decision and two regular decisions in his gold medal performance. He is a awe-inspiring athlete who possesses strength, stamina and speed. He is a natural and will be a future state contender.

Many thanks to Dennis Sterrett, Eric Jorgensen, Tracy Tudor, Rudy Galaviz from Flag Tee Factory t shirt, Gabriel Chagolla, Camp Verde Journal, Jack Young, Marion Manning, Dan Harkins of Harkins Theatres, Jonora Mejia of Verde Valley Ambulance CO, John McReynolds of Babes Roundup, Greg Elmer Bashas’ food store, Camp Verde Bugle, Camp Verde School District, Kim Andrews from Bashas’, Bill Geyer of BG Automotive, Salt River Materials Group (Phoenix Cement), Rosie Bux of El Dorado Residential Care Home, Jeremy J. Uhler and Denae A. Uhler, The Bassous Family from Tierra Verde Builders, Dr. Kirk Westervelt, Susan Simbric of Fort Verde Management, Bueler Funeral Homes, Anthony Pugliano the owner of the Sedona Chevron Station, Louis and Irene Rezzonico of Camp Verde feed Store, Walmart, Aaron Hancock of, Kelley Gahard of The Old Town Mission, Rose Smith of Bob’s Tree and Landscaping, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Weekend Wars results Saturday 04-01-2017

Rhett Uhler – 2nd place 1st grade 50 pounds

Angel Zavalza – 1st place – 7th grade 100 pounds

Racer Uhler – 3rd place – 4th grade 65 pounds

Conrad Brady – 1st place – 8th grade – 165 pounds

Korben Uhler – 1st place – 9th grade – 135 pounds

Hayden Uhler – 1st place – 12th grade – 150 pounds

Teagan Pomeroy – 4th place – 4th grade 95 pounds

Daniel White – 3rd place – 11th grade – 140 pounds

Benji Perez – 3rd place – 9th grade – 120 pounds

Steven Bahe – 3rd place – 7th grade – 90 pounds

Josiah Chavez - 3rd place – kindergarten – 40 pounds

Cynthia Henson – 3rd place – 4th grade – 90 pounds - Girls division

Samuel Williams – 3rd place – 6th grade – 110 pounds

Tristan Black – 3rd place – 6th grade – 80 pounds

Adrian Sanchez – 1st place – 8th grade – 120 pounds

Brody Townsend – 2nd place – 6th grade – 70 pounds

Avery Hines – 1st place – 7th grade – 130 pounds

Ismael Ruiz – 1st place - 8th grade – 95 pounds

Phillip Grass – 2nd place – 10th grade – 135 pounds

Jared Gorda – 1st place – 8th grade – 125 pounds

Dante Pittman – 3rd place – 9th grade – 135 pounds

Bryan Caballero – 1st place – 8th grade – 110 pounds

Logan Johnson – 2nd place – 4th grade – 90 pounds

James Dally – 4th place - 4th grade – 75 pounds

Hayden Brady – 4th place - 2nd grade – 60 pounds

Keene Todacheene – 1st place – 9th grade – 106 pounds

Skyler Pike – 2nd place – 11th grade – 120 pounds

Baldemar Ruiz – 4th place – 11th grade – 150 pounds

Angel Minjarez – 4th place - 6th grade – 127 pounds

Juan Minjarez – 4th place – 7th grade – 138 pounds

Allan Abril – 4th place – 7th grade – 150 pounds

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