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Verde Heritage 1915: VERDE VALLEY ECHO.

"by Eugene M. Barron"

"Exceptional progress is being made, and most gratifying results attained at the Clear Creek and Beaver Creek schools, both located in different rural environs, yet 'winning out' under the valuable and enthusiastic supervision of Miss Blanche Breretan and Mrs. Edna P. Bourne."

"Miss Breretan came to the Verde Valley with the unique distinction of being the first teacher to place hot lunches in rural schools. Last year she took charge of an unruly school at Dexter, Oregon, which glories in the reputation of needing two and three teachers a year. The girls were as bad as the boys. With the assistance of a good board, and better, the continual aid of the supervisor, D. T. O'Reilly, a shed was remodeled into a dining room and kitchen, where hot lunches were served daily and incidentally, many lessons in private and public courtesy taught. Recognition of her pronounced success came even from foreign countries, and the Verde Valley is proud of possessing such an energetic teacher."

"Within four months Miss Breretan created a new school at Clear Creek, with such pleasing qualities that the board gave her a substantial raise in mid-year."

"Mrs. Bourne has developed a wonderful school spirit in her tiny school on Beaver Creek --- a spirit that greets one in green and white colors, and appropriate school yells. To better the work of the primary grades, Mrs. Bourne has furnished from her own resources, all the material necessary for busy work, going a step farther in supplying art supplies, etc. The board finally recognized the usefulness of such material and now supplies the same."

"The present plans all work to a new school house. Monthly entertainments are given to raise funds. Albert Fair has donated five acres of land to the district, and many patrons are swelling the school funds with private subscriptions. Mrs. F. O. Smith heard of Mrs. Bourne's work and was so well pleased that she, aided by several friends in Prescott, is donating a very extensive library to the school."

"The balance of progression is maintained in the Verde Valley by the following report from E. C. Comer, of Clarkdale:"

"The teaching corps is now six, whereas, last year it was three. The average attendance for five months is 96 per cent. New school activities consist of a Current Events class organized by the 9th and 10th grade pupils and conducted under their supervision, a pupil acting as teacher at each meeting. The grammar grades give a monthly literary, to which all parents and patrons are heartily welcome. This work has been very valuable in getting the teachers, parents and pupils on a common place, resulting in better understanding, with the consequent record of better school service."

"Clarkdale is to be congratulated upon having such an efficient teaching corps."


"The Clarkdale Pharmacy has opened its doors for business. It is up-to-date and modern in every respect and said to be one of the finest in the state. Thomas May has spent much time in getting the new place ready for patronage."

"One side of the store is filled with counters and the other side with buffet fixtures. A soda fountain similar to the one in the Jerome Drug Company's store has been installed.

"CARROLL'S barber shop, pool room and news store opened recently in Clarkdale."

(Jerome News; Friday, April 9, 1915; page 1.)

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