Mon, Feb. 17

Editorial: Annual meeting proves VVPOA still has plenty of fight

There was an era when the Verde Village Property Owners Association was as vibrant and active as any organization in the Verde Valley.

The VVPOA’s collective voice was respected. The organization was a positive contributor at the community bargaining table in shaping public policy.

Over time, that voice of respect became something of a shallow whisper. There were some who suggested it was time to fold the tent on the VVPOA.

But there is nothing like a hotly contested election to prove that the VVPOA still has plenty of fight. Yes, there were public outbursts at Monday’s annual meeting for which people should be embarrassed. There were flares of temper that never should be allowed in a public meeting.

Behavior-wise, there was a lot to be desired at Monday’s meeting, but the positive spin one can make of that is the folks in Verde Village do still care about their community and the VVPOA. They are far from rolling over and playing dead and letting the VVPOA be lowered into its grave. The organization’s numbers may be suspect, but there is still plenty of passion.

Going forward with Krys Vogler continuing as president, let’s hope the VVPOA leadership can find a way to channel all of Monday night’s energy in a way that will unite the membership. Let’s hope the VVPOA can put to rest concerns about its fiscal management, control and future of the pond, keeping the pool open; property security; adherence to by-laws and developing respectful social media policies.

Most importantly, if the VVPOA is going to truly represent the Verde Village community, it is going to have to be the kind of organization that can persuade more than 31 people to vote in an election to decide its president. Winning an election with just 18 votes hardly inspires confidence in the VVPOA.

But while its numbers are few, there is obviously still plenty of fire in the Verde Village Property Owners Association. The challenge is making it a controlled burn and not a wild fire.

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