Fri, Sept. 20

Letter: V’ACTE administration and attorney crying foul is hard to understand


I wanted to provide some insight into why the shortfall in distribution to Mingus Union, Camp Verde and Sedona Red-Rock High Schools is such a travesty.

The V’ACTE JTED was formed through the approval of the local voters who agreed to be taxed by the V’ACTE JTED. The satellite model was decided upon due to the distance between schools and the difficulty of trying to centralize any of the programs.

In this connection, it was decided to then distribute the funds to the schools that actually had classrooms and teachers. V’ACTE didn’t have teachers or classrooms through June 30, 2016.

The cost of providing classrooms, all related facility expenditures and teacher salaries was carried by the three districts. The funds were paid by the local tax payers to be distributed to the schools to enhance education.

As we disclosed in our claim, VACTE kept on average 53 percent for administrative costs, primarily salaries.

The final year, 2016, Mingus only received 41 percent of the total revenue generated through Mingus enrollment. Therefore, V’ACTE kept 59 percent for administration.

This fact alone is mind boggling and I do not understand how that can be rationalized in any way. On top of paying just for administration, the audit by Heinfeld, Meech & Co. disclosed payments to fictitious vendors. Their administration and attorney crying foul is hard to understand.

Kirk Waddle

Business Manager

Mingus Union High School District

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