Wed, Aug. 21

Letter: District consolidation will improve student achievement, curtail administrative costs


I am writing in favor of the proposed school district consolidation/unification. Some are saying this proposal boils down to the issue of money; while this is not the only issue to consider it should weigh heavily on the minds of school board members and voters.

There is HUGE cost savings potential (up to $1.25 million in administrative costs alone) involved if the three districts were to unify. These cost savings come as a benefit to students, teachers and taxpayers.

Teachers and students will benefit by the reallocation of said funds by the possibility of updating technology, innovative professional development, new teacher hires to reduce class sizes, and increasing teacher salaries just to name a few.

Each of these measures has the potential to positively impact student achievement without causing further burden on taxpayers. Taxpayers will benefit by the reallocation of $1.25 million because it may not be necessary to pass the two scheduled M & O tax overrides next year for the Mingus and Cottonwood Oak Creek School Districts.

Anyone who benefits from the use of tax money has an inherent obligation to be a wise steward of that money. It would be foolish to ignore the potential for cost savings to tax payers and the benefits of reallocating monies for students and teachers.

The community is watching to see if the respective school boards take advantage of this window of opportunity to improve student achievement while curtailing administrative costs.

Katy Wright


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