Letter: I’m glad to bear the responsibility for good Trump is doing America


Wow! Cindy Harms has concluded that, in just three months in office, President Trump, is responsible for every ill wind that blows around the earth while calling his White House “inept.”

And yet, he has his Supreme Court nominee safely ensconced on the bench, has given the military freer rein to combat terrorism in the Middle East while regaining respect for our nation as a world leader and causing our enemies to become more cautious.

He is the first president since the end of the Korean War to get the Chinese thinking that it might be in their interests to help control the idiot running that country. He has started the process of bringing rogue regulatory agencies, such EPA, back to accountability.

She conjectures that the FBI is close to putting the handcuffs on him for collaborating with the Russians, even though the NSA says no such evidence exists – and they were the ones listening in on everyone, including the Dems, so they should know.

No doubt Putin wants to cause doubt in our electoral process, but intelligence sources say the Russians were as convinced as everyone else that Hillary was going to win. The hanky-panky between Bill ($500K speeches in Russia), Hillary (the surrender of one fifth of our uranium production) and Putin would leave me to believe we may have dodged a bullet with Trump’s election.

With their sordid history and predisposition for shady operations, Mr. Putin may have amassed a thick portfolio of information on the Clintons in anticipation of using it as political pressure in the event of her election.

Ms. Harms laments that those who voted for Trump “…bear some responsibility of the mess that our country is in today. So far, I’m glad to claim that responsibility.

Jim Barber



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The_Uppity_Peasant 1 year, 12 months ago

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nastywoman2 1 year, 12 months ago

There are 2 types of trump supporters: Those who've never researched him & simply believe what they want to believe about him. They prefer to live in ignorance. The other type of supporter scares me because they just don't care what he is. trump's entire career is either on audio or video tape. Those of us who did our homework & did research on him know about all of the corruption & unethical business practices that has defined him throughout his life. We've watched him hanging out with organized crime mobsters & I could go on & on & on. So, which kind of trump supporter are you Mr. Barber?


Pfalbo 1 year, 12 months ago

Mr. Barber,

You confuse trump (sic) "regaining respect" as a world leader with what many countries-- along with a majority of US voters-- would alternately describe as "disdain." "Regret," also is an apt description.

Some, what with big, loud bombs being dropped on semi-vacant Syrian airfields, are easily impressed.

trump, so prescedential (sic)!

Putin interferes with our election, challenges the US with troop movements, directs airspace intrusions and opposes the US action in Syria.

Kim Jong Un threatens nuclear war.

Somehow, you see trump "... causing our enemies to become more cautious..." I suggest a dictionary to clarify to you the meaning of words.

Meanwhile, it is possible our Commander in Chief and his minions had no idea of the location of a carrier task force while trump huffed and puffed 8th grade level threats with ole KJU. "He's gotta behave." indeed! Oooooo! Impressive diplomacy.

At least North Korea has Chinese help limiting their idiot leader. The US has only folks like you encouraging trump. (I was surprised you were not invited along with Sarah, Ted and Kid Rock to grovel at trump's feet).

Maybe next time?

Phil Falbo Phoenix

PS: Bill and Hillary are not in office.


Deva1961 1 year, 12 months ago

Yes, it's so impressive when he manages to misplace an aircraft carrier. That's showing them, by golly!