Mon, Feb. 24


This raid broke up one of the largest moonshine outfits that ever operated in the district.

"One of the most productive liquor raids made in the district for the past several months was that of yesterday on the Albert Osterburg premises in East Jerome by Chief of Police Crowley, Police Officer William R. Fitzgerald, and Deputy Sheriffs Joe Young and John Munds."

"The plant was an extensive one and the raid resulted in the capture of a complete still, two huge mash vats, almost 1000 gallons of mash, and 20 gallons of the finished product. The vats were smashed and burned, the mash was destroyed and the 'mule' taken to Prescott this morning, probably to be destroyed later."

"A FINE PLANT: 'This was one of the finest, cleanest, and most complete, plants we have captured,' said Chief Crowley this morning. "It was evidently designed and built with much care and at a considerable expense.'"

"'The mash vats, about five feet in diameter and five feet high, were built of two-inch cedar staves, heavily hooped with regular tank bands furnished with turnbuckles, and were the work of a first-class mechanic. The mash was clean and fresh and everything about the place showed that an attempt was being made to secure a really clean product of a high grade as it is possible for moonshine liquor to be.'"

"'The still was a fine bit of coppersmith work as was also the worm. The still was found in the garage and the worm was hidden back of the house. Two vats of mash were in a separate building which was kept scrupulously clean, in fact the whole plant was of the higher and better grade. It represented a considerable investment.'"

"'We smashed and burned the vats, confiscated the still and other appliances and found about 20 gallons of mule which we brought in with the still, etc., and took to Prescott today. We feel that this raid has broken up one of the largest moonshine outfits that ever operated in the district.'"

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, April 16, 1926; page 1.)

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