Tue, Sept. 17

Letter: No, Mr. Barber, I am not OK with Trump’s antics


I’d like to take a moment to respond to Jim Barber’s letter of April 19.

Mr Barber, you (and many others like you) continue to carry on about the Clintons as though they were still relevant. The Clintons are over. Done. History. You can stop beating that dead horse already.

As for our recent military actions overseas ... are you really OK with all the tough talk and saber rattling coming from a draft-dodger playing dress-up in military jackets and caps? Who refers to American servicemen and women as “my military,” as though they were his personal property, plaything, and ego-boosting device?

Are you OK with spending millions of taxpayer dollars on his golf trips -- to a property he owns, and profits from- while facing massive cuts across the board to programs that benefit millions of ordinary citizens? Are you okay with the abolition of the EPA? You and I are old enough to remember what America looked (and smelled!) like before the EPA. Is that really what you want for your children and grandchildren?

Will you be “happy to bear responsibility,” as well as the cost, of building that massive monument to a massive ego which we know as The Wall? Even you must know that Mexico is not going to pay for it. And if we continue to alienate our next-door neighbors, with the notion that they need us more than we need them, they just might decide that we are no longer worth the effort. And start looking for allies elsewhere (and no, not places like Monaco or Belgium!).

Are you OK with his surrounding himself with an insular group of yes-men and women, made up in large part by his own family members? You like the fact that his handbag-designer daughter is a close advisor, whose own business profits by her position? Are you OK with all the “buy American, hire American” rhetoric coming from a guy who has apparently decided that he prefers foreign manufacturers and suppliers and laborers for his own businesses?

The nepotism, ineptitude, and corruption we are seeing now is only the beginning. As long as this administration continues, these issues will only grow like a cancer left unchecked. If you like the idea of breathing filthy air, paying $5 or $6 dollars for a head of lettuce, and paying millions of taxpayer’s dollars so this family can stay at their own resorts and eat at their own restaurants, well I’m afraid I cannot help you.

But I can work to help myself and those I love. I will continue to resist, speak out, and most importantly, vote. And I can keep it up as long as I live.

Desiree Valenzuela


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