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Mabery leads Mingus softball, wins female student athlete award

Mingus Union senior captain Morgan Mabery reaches to make a catch against Coconino. Mabery is batting .471 with 26 runs, 22 RBIs, 10 doubles and 2 home runs through 29 games. (VVN/James Kelley)

Mingus Union senior captain Morgan Mabery reaches to make a catch against Coconino. Mabery is batting .471 with 26 runs, 22 RBIs, 10 doubles and 2 home runs through 29 games. (VVN/James Kelley)

After leading Marauder softball, senior catcher and co-captain Morgan Mabery was selected as Mingus Union Female Student-Athlete of the Year.

Mabery has helped No. 11 Mingus Union (20-9, 7-3 Grand Canyon) to a break out season after they went 6-20-1 last year.

She is batting .471 this year with 26 runs, 22 RBIs, 10 doubles and 2 home runs.

The student athlete of the year award is for Marauders with at least a 3.0 gpa.

Mabery missed her sophomore year due to injury and after having her ACL replaced, worked to be able to squat again so she could catch. Her hard work paid off as she signed with South Mountain Community College to play college softball next year.

She also played volleyball for Mingus Union.

VVN: How do you think you guys have been playing lately?

Mabery: I think we’ve been playing really good. We just got back from Vegas and it went really well for us. I’ve been on varsity for four years and I’ve gone to Vegas every year. Well we stopped going to Vegas because we were not being successful there and he decided that he would take us back this year because we were going to be a better team than we ever have been and we did really good. We went 4-for-6 and went to the championship of the silver bracket and so we did good and that tournament prepares us better for regular season, so we should do even better.

VVN: What has this year been like after such a tough year last year?

Mabery: It’s been really good. We all expected to be super good this year. Every other year we’ve struggled quite a bit with different things, injuries and lack of pitching and different things like that so this year expected to be good. We haven’t had any injuries, knock on wood and we’ve just been doing really well.

VVN: How do you think the season has gone for you personally?

Mabery: I think it’s gone really well for me. Every year I’ve been built up and sophomore year I had an ACL replacement and I didn’t get to play. I was still on varsity and I still came and helped at practice when I could and last year we didn’t have any pitching, so that was another rough season for me, but this year, just with the health of everybody else, it’s been good to get my confidence back up and I’ve just been playing really well, better than I ever have for Mingus softball, so it’s gone well.

VVN: We talked about the rehab and everything, what was that process like?

Mabery: It was hard, because it’s always hard having a knee injury when you’re a catcher so that was very difficult. A lot of people can’t catch or even squat after they’ve had a full ACL replacement, so that was my main goal, just to be able to squat again, so that I could get back to catching. So I just worked really hard on that and so that I was able to come back and I was a lot better from when I came back from that when I was before I got hurt, so it was good.

VVN: In what ways is your game different?

Mabery: I think being injury taught me how I really need to take advantage of playing because it’s really hard to get hurt and have to watch everybody else play the sport that you want to be playing and the sport that you love, so it was hard watching, being out and watching, so I take advantage of every day that I’m out on the field because you never know when it’s going to be your last.

VVN: Do you have any pre game superstitions or rituals or anything like that?

Mabery: I have different things with different girls that we do and this year I just started this thing where all of the girls will write a quote or a word on their arm that they can look at through out the game that will help them. So that’s helped me just to keep me going through games when I’m struggling with something. I’ll write something to help me on my arm to look at and stuff. So that’s helped me this year.

VVN: Do you know what you’re going to major in in college?

Mabery: I’m hoping to major in criminal justice. I’m going on to play and study criminal justice and possibly become a lawyer, I’ve been thinking of that lately too.

VVN: Right now what’s your favorite subject in school?

Mabery: Weights (laughs)! I don’t have a favorite subject. I like working out and playing softball pretty much.

VVN: Finally, has this season gone similar to you had hoped it would?

Mabery: Oh yeah. It’s going just how I would hope. I hoped that we keep continuing to build and get better and hopefully make it far into state too, that was our goal and I think that we can do it.

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