Wed, Feb. 26

Letter: With Trump, American again will be for the people and by the people


I always appreciate what Jim Barber says in the Verde Independent about politics. He is right on about president Trump. My husband and I voted for Trump and we are pleased with what he has done for our country so far.

Unfortunately, the Democrats seem to fight the Republicans on every level, making our new president Trump’s agendas very tough to pass. It’s very childish and irresponsible that the Democrats are causing so much turmoil, even making up problems.

The result is that issues that the voters voted for, like the Health Care issues are no passing the senate and/or congress. I know Republicans are not perfect either, but it’s sad that our country cannot unite behind our current President Trump and treat him with respect.

Obama was treated like he was a king. I put up with Obama for 8 years, now we have a new president and we should treat him with respect and give his administration a chance. Already I feel Trump is leading our country in the right direction. Our economy is better, our military is better, human rights for women and unborn babies are better, and we will be respected by the world again.

Obama made our country weak, and he acted ashamed of our country and our citizens too.

Thank God we have a chance through Trump to make our country work again for the people and by the people.

Lonna Culbertson


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