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Verde Heritage 1916: VERDE MINING DISTRICT

"JEROME, April 21. --- With the United Verde Copper Company arranging to increase the output of its Clarkdale smelter to more than 8,000,000 pounds a month, the United Verde Extension Company is planning to build its own reduction plant."

"It is generally understood here that the United Verde Extension has already closed a deal for the L. L. Young's splendid apple ranch, a mile north of Clarkdale, and will utilize the land as a site for its smelter. The location is an ideal one, lying right between the Verde River and the Verde Valley railroad. The transportation and water questions offer no problems. Officials of the U. V . E. company, while refusing to confirm the story that the Young ranch has been purchased, admit that the mine must have a smelter of its own. They say that they have the biggest body of high grade copper ore in the world and that to continue to ship the ore to Douglas for treatment would be folly. Besides, it is practically impossible to find outside smelter capacity to take care of the increased ore output that is being planned for."

"In March daily shipments from the U. V. E. to Douglas averaged 150 tons. The total return was, in round figures, $500,000, and the expense was about $20,000. April shipments will average 200 tons a day. The ore averages 20% copper."

"Four-fifths of this ore comes from development work being done on the 1,400-foot level, in the way of drifts, crosscuts and raises. The other fifth is stoped from the 1,200."

"Operations are greatly hampered by the lack of air. Only 130 men are now being used, though there is room for many more. The property is equipped only with 2 small compressors but a compressor with a capacity of 1,500 cubic feet has been ordered and will soon be on the ground. If it is deemed advisable, the output can then be doubled. When the new compressor is in place a winze will be started in the south drift, 1,000 feet from the main shaft, and sunk to the 1,600-foot level. No one who has ever seen that ore body on the 1,400 doubts that it continues on down to untold depths."

"The real truth about that ore body has never been told. It is known, however, that there is a 60-foot streak that averages 40% copper, while the general average is around 20%. The U. V. E. officials themselves do not know how wide the ore is."

"Adjoining the U. V. Extension is the Jerome Verde. Under a contract which has been in force about 3 weeks, the U. V. E. people, from their own workings, are doing 150 feet of development work monthly in Jerome Verde ground."

"UNITED VERDE: Although it is not being operated nearly to its full capacity, the United Verde smelter is now treating 2,500 tons of ore a day. All but 150 tons of this comes from the United Verde mine. Fifty tons of silicious ore is received daily from the Commercial mine, in Copper Basin, near Prescott, and 100 tons, also silicious, comes from the Ludlow mine."

"The daily output of copper from this tonnage is a little over 200,000 pounds. The smelter's monthly production is over 5,000,000 pounds. In September this will be increased to 6,500,000, and in November to 8,000,000."

"This will not be accomplished by adding to the present equipment for the smelter, for it is already equipped to handle a vastly greater tonnage, but by increasing the ore production of the United Verde mine. A crushing plant is now being constructed at the mouth of the tunnel that enters the mine on the 1,000-foot level, and will be completed in June. Its primary purpose is to supply 1,000 tons of 'fines' daily for the reverberatories, but practically all the ore mined will pass through the crusher."

"Much of the increased ore production will come from No. 5 shaft, which has been sunk 800 feet from the 1,000-foot tunnel level. This shaft is the deepest working in the mine. Arrangements have just been made to have it concreted. When this is done an electric hoist, with a capacity of 3,000 feet will be placed at this shaft. A new electric hoist has been ordered to replace the old one at No. 4 shaft."

"The United Verde company now has 1,800 men on its payroll. This force will be increased by about 500 during the Summer. A contract for the construction of 40 new homes in Clarkdale is to be let by the company in a few days."

"TWO STRIKES: Two new strikes have added to the mining fever that now prevails in Jerome. One has been made in the Copper Chief, the other in the Dundee-Arizona."

"The Copper Chief, 4 miles south of Jerome, is owned by the Hayden Development Company, and no details regarding the strike have been made public. It is known, however, that a contract has been let for the freighting of 30 tons of copper ore daily to Clarkdale, to be shipped from that point to one of the smelters in the southern part of the state."

"For years the Copper Chief was supposed to be only a gold and silver mine. It has a splendid surface showing of gold ore. The main ledge is 30 feet wide from the surface to the 100-foot level, and it averages $8 a ton in gold and silver."

"At 300 feet a drift was run 150 feet, all in copper ore averaging 2%. At 350 feet, the present depth of the shaft, the ore is much higher in copper. It is from this level that the ore to be shipped is now being stoped. It is silicious in character."

"A tunnel taps the shaft at 350 feet and through this the gold ore mined above the 160-foot is trammed out to the mill. The plant, which is a tube and ball mill with cyanide plant, is treating 125 tons of ore a day and saving 70% of the values. It was completed only last October and is one of the most modern mills of its type in the Southwest."

"James Wellington Finch, the noted geologist and mining engineer, is now at the Copper Chief making an examination. It is understood that he is formulating a plan for the development of the unexpected copper deposit."

"SHEA COPPER CO.: Just south of the Copper Chief, but on somewhat lower ground, lie 4 patented claims owned by D. J. Shea, one of Jerome's most promising merchants. The surface showing is fully encouraging as on Copper Chief ground but the copper values are much higher and the gold values less. About $5,000 worth of work has been done. Several shallow shafts have been sunk and some short tunnels have been run. All are in ore; at no place has either wall of ore been cut. There are 8 or 9 outcrops, all running well up in copper."

"DUNDEE-ARIZONA: The Dundee-Arizona property consists of 2 patented claims, the Green Flower and Green Up, lying on the south slope of the 'Hogback' and less than half a mile out of Jerome. They were held a number of years by F. S. Stephen and Alexander Mackay. Stephen recently organized the Dundee-Arizona Mining Company, with 500,000 shares, par value $1. The owners received 275,000 shares for the property and the remainder was taken over by a syndicate of Phoenix business men who sold 100,000 shares at par. The history of the financing of the Dundee-Arizona affords a close parallel to that of the Green Monster Company, for the stock offered for sale was greatly oversubscribed."

"Cutting through the claims for a distance of 700 feet is a ledge of conglomerate, stained a vivid green and averaging all the way from 6% to 12% copper right on the surface. A tunnel has been driven into this ledge 264 feet. It soon enters the lime, which is also heavily impregnated with copper. There are frequent water courses through the lime and from their walls samples running as high as 30% copper can be broken."

"From the 200-foot point in the tunnel a shaft was sunk 100 feet into the lime, and the copper values held. A raise was then started to connect with a shaft sunk 65 feet from the surface. When 70 feet above the tunnel level and within 5 feet of the shaft, the raise chipped into the ledge of lime carbonate and glance averaging 25% copper. This ledge was penetrated only last Friday and there has been no opportunity to determine its extent."

"A site is being graded for a gasoline hoist that is on its way. When this machinery is in place the shaft will be sunk to a depth of 1,000 feet.

"Nine men are now employed under the direction of Superintendent J. A. Hubbard."

"THE JEROME VERDE: The Jerome Verde Company, which owns 28 patented claims surrounded on 3 sides by the United Verde, U. V. Extension and Dundee-Arizona, is not now doing any development work on its own account but is shortly to let a contract for the construction of 2,100 feet of road to connect with the location chosen for a new shaft site. This road will cost about $4,000. As soon as it is completed machinery will be installed and the shaft will be sunk to a depth of at least 1,000 feet."

"The site selected for the new shaft is about 2,000 feet southwest of the United Verde Extension's Edith shaft and on a line between that and the Dundee-Arizona workings. If location counts for anything the Jerome Verde will prove to be one of the big things of the district. From the old shaft, down 700 feet, some good ore was shipped about a year ago."

"CALUMET & JEROME: An option of the Calumet & Jerome group has been secured by the interests in control of the Shattuck-Arizona Company, of Bisbee. It is understood that they have practically closed a deal whereby they gain control of some claims owned by Joe Larson and Charles Sutter and that they are to undertake development soon."

"NORTH VERDE: The Goodrich-Lockhart Company, of New York, has acquired the 4 claims of the North Verde Company and is holding them under the name of the Mowles Copper Company. This company has not started development and it is understood that it is delaying in the hope of securing an option on 51% of the stock of the Arkansas & Arizona Company, which owns 14 claims adjoining."

"One of the finest hoists in the Southwest is at the Arkansas & Arizona and it has other splendid surface equipment. The shaft is down 1,500 feet and is in a good showing of low grade copper ore. Experts are of the opinion that commercial ore will be opened at about 2,000 feet."

"GRAND ISLAND: There is an excellent chance that the development of the Grand Island group, adjoining the Shea on the south, will be resumed shortly. This group consists of 13 patented claims, with a surface showing similar to that of the Copper Chief and Shea. A shaft, down 200 feet, is equipped with a hoist good for 600 to700 feet. At the surface, the values are gold but copper begins to come in at 80 feet and at 85 feet the shaft enters a 3-foot body of sulphide."

"A crosscut had been started from the bottom of the shaft several years ago when the principal owner killed a man and was sent to the penitentiary. Through the efforts of James M. Layman, the legal complications were cleared up and it is understood that the company may soon be financed for a resumption of operations."

"HOUSING PROBLEM: The difficulty of housing her rapidly increasing population is the most serious problem facing Jerome today. In round numbers the present population is 3,500, but this will be doubled by the end of the Summer if the people can be taken care of. Every train that goes into Jerome and Clarkdale is loaded with mining engineers, investors and persons seeking employment. It is almost impossible to get a room at the hotels. Lodging house keepers fill their rooms with cots and strangers bunk side by side, but still the pressure is not relieved."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; April 26, 1916; page 4.)

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