Tue, Oct. 22

Letter: Make up your mind


In the Verde Independent Newspaper July 28, 2017 is a what I classify as a Letter of “Conflicting Opinions” within itself; when recently past years events are taken into account.

Mr. Bob Burke soundly criticizes Mr. Jim Barber’s recent evaluation of the Violent Attack and Carnage against the practicing ‘Congressional Republican Baseball Team’ for mentioning the ‘Violent Democratic Rhetoric’.

Mr. Burke claims “All this Violence” should be laid squarely on President Trump, and further claims; and I quote: “What Barber doesn’t seem to get is that stabilizing forces, whether in a family unit, a classroom, a school or business, or in the highest office in the land, begin at the top.”; so if we take that premise, the destructive actions of the Union Leaders (Primarily the “Teachers Union”) in the Wisconsin State Capital three week stand-off in 2011 (Estimated $7.5 Million dollars damage to the Capital Building and Grounds, alone; which does not touch the Private Property Damage; ‘vehicles, homes and businesses’; in the area), The “Occupy Wall Street” and Black Lives Matter carnage, (Nationwide Public and Private Property Damage in the $Billions, plus the Personal Injuries and Deaths) should be laid on “Former President Obama”.

Donald J. Trump got involved in the political arena later; oh; uh wait, there must be some way of blaming President Trump for all; we cannot allow the half-white Barack Obama to be ‘responsible for anything; after all he praised OWS & BLM and called the TEA Party, (which collectively did no damage) “Domestic Terrorists”. Make up Your Mind Mr. Burke: Who is to blame? For every case of ‘Right Wing Destruction or Violence’ there are easily a hundred from the Left.

Dale Gohr


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