Thu, Aug. 22

Letter: New presidential expectations


We watch, aghast, as the republican congress (sic) grovels in abject subservience to trump’s probably unconstitutional, potentially criminal, possibly treasonous, daily misdeed. We get to witness trump’s sycophantic minions swallowing his every lie while happily excusing his numerous boorish, rude, immature, narcissistic acts.

Based on trump’s behavior and his lowly-subject’s responses, I have compiled a list of used-to-be-expected presidential personality, character or behavior patterns obviously no longer required by conservatives, republicans, libertarians, Jim Barber and Dale Gohr.

Recall, these expectations were heretofore emblazoned in and demanded by the American-voter’s psyche for almost every presidential election until November 8, 2016: the day Amerika went nuts.

Thanks to the far-right, a president must no longer:

Not be mentally ill;

Be patriotic;

Represent all Americans;

Have respect for the Office;

Have respect for Separation of Powers;

-- know about Separation of Powers

Understand there are three Branches of Government;

Appreciate of the Rule of Law;

Worry about Abuse of Power;

Be free from conflicts of interest;

Worry about collusion with foreign governments;

Worry about hiring family;

Have any Military acumen;

Be Socially Aware;

Be diplomatic;

Be Honest;

Have credibility;

Be trusting;

Have a Broad Education;

Be non-bigoted;

Have Morals;

Have Ethics;

Display Manners;

Show Kindness;

Have Discretion;

Show Common Decency;

Exhibit Maturity;

Share Empathy;

Have a Work Ethic;

Show Patience;

Deny having committed sexual assault;

Be Humble;

Possess Charm;

Be Thoughtful;

Worry about uniting fellow Americans;

Worry about flip-flopping;

Worry about having a 1st Lady who doesn’t slap his hand away while she looks miserable.

Think about these traits: In other words, we could have president Putin or Duterte and the far-right would be happy. Maybe ecstatic.

The list would be longer, but trump has only been mis-representing their Amerika for a little over 6 months.

Phil Falbo


(Formerly of Clarkdale)

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