Mon, Jan. 20

Letter: Trump only adds to Obama’s legacy as president


Donald Trump is showing Americans just how good a President Barack Obama was.

For all his hyperventilating bluster, in most ways that matter Donald Trump is no different than most Republican elected officials. He isn’t particularly interested in doing anything that would help the American people. Nor, despite giving them lip service occasionally, does he care in the least for the real-world interests of his base supporters.

The fact that Trump obviously allows himself to be blithely led around by the nose by the likes of people as morally repugnant as Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller shows him to be someone for whom no moral purpose exists, someone wholly preoccupied with himself and himself alone. None of his actions to date evidence the slightest desire to make Americans’ lives any better than they were before he was elected. Even his calculated and much-hyped gestures to please his core supporters -- supporters who are truly “base” in every sense of the word --- aren’t designed to do anything positive for their lives. They are designed to assuage their impulse to hate and blame others for their own problems, to be sure. But that doesn’t mean Trump is going to make their existence any better. He won’t even try to.

There is one area where Trump is succeeding wildly, however, without even trying. He is solidifying the legacy of Barack Obama. But unlike Trump, President Barack Obama’s policies were the product of his desire to actually do something good for the American public.

For this reason, out of something that can only be described as spite, Trump has blatantly sought to reverse his predecessor’s achievements in every way possible. The pathology of this behavior could fill volumes of psychological journals.

But for the American people, the good news is that Trump is failing, will continue to fail, and in this failure he has unwittingly revealed just how strong President Obama’s achievements were.

David Soule


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