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Verde Heritage 1914: JEROME IMPROVEMENTS

"The interior of the Bank of Arizona has been thoroughly renovated and repainted, making that progressive institution look entirely new."

"Many improvements have been made on the hospital by way of a new porch and several inside repairs."

"The new ice house of the Jerome Ice Company is nearing completion and will soon be ready to hold sufficient ice for a whole town whenever needed."

"Harry Craine is adding an under story to one of his houses, so great is the demand for rented rooms."

"The Council of Jerome are making good some of their promises. Bids for a 50,000 gallon tank are being solicited, so that when installed there will be sufficient water to handle a large fire. Several new plugs will be set in the southern part of town and sufficient hose purchased for same."

"T. C. Snyder and his crew of graders are now camped in Jerome and will shortly finish grading the Main street so that there will not be such a steep grade. The dirt will be hauled to the back of the new grammar school and there deposited for the making of a playground for the little tots. When the grounds are large enough to accommodate the children a wall will be built similar to the barriers around the other schools."

"Postmaster Adams is adding new private mail boxes to the postoffice and further improving that government institution."

"The new Movey is fast reaching completion and will be one of the coolest amusement halls in Arizona. The grand opening will be announced in the near future."

"With the constant development of Jerome by way of material improvements one cannot help but believe that Jerome will be 'The Town' for some time to come."

(Jerome News; Friday, July 31, 1914; page 1.)

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