Thu, Dec. 05

Letter: Trump’s silence only encourages violence


After waking from my long nap that Jim Barber observed I took, I awoke to find, in my amazement, that Congress did not allow Barack Obama to run for a third term! Had he done so, we would not be in this twittertornado so bad that I look forward to the commercials on TV now.

Jim sure does love that Rip Van Winkle analogy – this is the second or third time he has used it on me. I think Jim must be getting up there in years as his memory seems to be lapsing. He thinks student unrest, college protests and marches just started with the new Republican administration.

Jim, these have been going on for many decades. Jim (and others who have written to this paper recently) have blamed violence on the Democrats, while ignoring right wing violence and intimidation. Barber didn’t bother to mention them because such acts were, as he believes, in the minority. the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that the number of Muslim hate groups has tripled under Donald Trump.

Another study shows that in one week, “white terrorists” (kluxers, skinheads and so forth) in the United States had killed far more Americans than refugees had in the previous four decades.

When Trump does not speak out in the strongest terms when a Minnesota Mosque is firebombed it only encourages that type of criminal behavior. As Jim said in his letter, “how could (they) not understand the marching orders from the (President)”? Work some crossword puzzles, Jim; does wonders for the memory.

Bob Burke

Beaver Creek

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