Mon, Jan. 20

Letter: Better to find whole truth before speaking out and looking inept afterward


Perhaps if our schools were more selective regarding the caliber of teacher candidates, our children would think before acting out. According to the Wall Street Journal, colleges are not teaching basic history. These were prestigious colleges.

Just think, the parents pay thousands of dollars so their children are well prepared for life and they get teachers like Elizabeth Warren, the ranting Pocahontas, a perfect example of why our children are going crazy.

Don’t like your grade? Fine. We’ll change it because we wouldn’t want you to feel inadequate because you were too lazy to study. In fact, we’ll dismiss you from attending class so you can go out and march in the latest protest – we agree with you instead of having you stay in class and actually learn something.

In the real world, they are in for some real learning if they want to eat, buy a car, insurance, a house, spouse and family.

Remember Ferguson, Mo.? The attorney general was sent to investigate as per our president’s orders. The guilty party was found to be the cigar store robber and not the policeman.

Remember the drunk liberal college professor (a friend of the president) who wouldn’t show his identification and was arrested? Had he cooperated with a simple request by police, it would have all gone away. But our leader got involved.

Remember ISIS is a JV team?

Remember, you can keep your doctor?

Remember, you can keep your insurance?

All those statements and incidents were found to be false narratives. Our leader was emotional and got involved before finding out all the facts and rushed to judgment.

Better to find the whole truth before speaking out and looking inept afterward.

We had a highly polished stone – we now have a diamond in the rough.

We also have truly bad people on both sides of the fence. They should all be in prison. We also should learn how to agree to disagree without violence.

Barbara Combs


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