Fri, Jan. 17

Talk of Jerome nuisances tabled until September meeting

JEROME – During the Aug. 8 Jerome Council Meeting, resolution to the abandoned vehicles and dilapidated buildings of Jerome has been tabled until the scheduled September Town of Jerome Council meeting.

Town Attorney Bill Sims advised council on abatement options of public nuisances.

The Town has taken a friendly approach to try and work with the owners of dilapidated buildings before pursuing legal enforcement.

At the previous July meeting, Mayor Frank Vander Horst asked planning and zoning administrator Kyle Dabney to comment on Ordinance 430, to amend the Town’s adopted property maintenance code to specify a period for compliance regarding buildings deemed nuisances.

Dabney specified that the change in the ordinance from a “reasonable period of time” to “up to 90 days” for compliance applied to any nuisances considered fairly simple.

Nuisances that may become projects requiring more work would have a compliance period of up to six months.

The recommendation came from both Dabney and Barry Wolstencraft, the town Building Inspector.

Dabney has been proactive about taking a friendly approach to dealing with the owners of the nuisances.

Councilmember Lew Currier called Dabney’s work a “step in the right direction.” Mayor Vander Horst agreed.

There was also talk of prioritizing abandoned vehicles on the street first.

“I think you have done what we asked you to do,” Mayor Vander Horst said, “and you should move forward.” Dabney agreed to do so.

During the Aug. meeting the adoption of Ordinance 432, to adopt residential parking permits which would cut down on abandoned vehicles as well as crowding issues, was tabled until the October meeting.

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