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Camp Verde athlete of the week: Senior Oium leads Camp Verde volleyball vocally and by example

Camp Verde senior Jade Oium works on spikes during practice on Tuesday. Oium said she wears No. 13 because her mother did when she played softball in high school. (VVN/James Kelley)

Camp Verde senior Jade Oium works on spikes during practice on Tuesday. Oium said she wears No. 13 because her mother did when she played softball in high school. (VVN/James Kelley)

Heading into her senior year, Camp Verde High volleyball’s Jade Oium is not only ready to excel on the court, but help her teammates do so as well.

Camp Verde head coach Britney Armstrong said Oium has not only been helping younger players in addition to playing well, but is doing so in a way that doesn’t sound bossy.

“Jade has been doing phenomenally,” Armstrong said. “Her attitude has really come a long ways, she is just an encourager, she works so incredibly hard. She is positive.”

Armstrong said Oium is going all out for her last year as a Cowboy.

“She’s having a really good approach to it and you can tell it’s her senior year and she just wants it hard and she’s coming out on fire,” Oium said. “She is just aggressive in everything she does, you can tell she’s not going to hold back this is her last year and she’s going to make it count.”

Last season Oium was first team All-Region in softball, her secondary sport.

“She’s just a really good athlete,” Armstrong said. “She’s just a stud of a volleyball and softball player.”

VVN: How’s the season gone for your personally?

Oium: Personally I’ve experienced a lot of growth this year. I feel that I work better with my team, I’m my confident with my team, I excel better at leadership this year than I was last year. I feel like I’m more gentle with my team, I’m not as, last year I was a little bossy, so this year I’m really trying to work on that. My attitude is way better this year and personally for me I think that it’s gonna be a killer season for me, my senior year.

VVN: What’s it like being a senior? Do you consciously try to be more a leader, does it come naturally?

Oium: I see myself as a natural leader, it’s kinda how I was raised. So being a senior I really want to be there for my girls and help elevate them to be leaders on the court and off the court in their daily lives and stuff.

VVN: So you’re number 13?

Oium: Yes.

VVN: Why’d you pick that number?

Oium: I picked 13 because it was my mom’s number in high school. So I’m kinda passing on her legacy. She didn’t play volleyball but that was her number in high school.

VVN: What sport did she play?

Oium: My mom played softball.

VVN: What’s your favorite sport?

Oium: Uh, volleyball. I want to go play college, hopefully at a community college for volleyball, so I’m looking for scholarships, looking for colleges, trying to get out there so they can see me.

VVN: What’s more satisfying, a big hit in softball where you hit it with the sweet spot or really good spike?

Oium: For me volleyball is just adrenaline, so getting a good hit, even getting a good pass, being up to dig the ball off the ground, like throwing myself across to get a ball that’s completely out of reach but I’m still going to get there, I’m still going to touch it, do everything in my power to get it up.

VVN: Is volleyball more about momentum than softball?

Oium: Yes, it’s definitely a momentum game because it’s six players on a small court and if one person goes down, they all go down, so you really have to stay up, stay momentum and the more momentum you build, the better you get and the harder you hit. It’s definitely a momentum game.

VVN: What do you like to do outside of sports?

Oium: Outside of sports, I rodeo and I show FFA animals. I like to go camping and I’m really big into archery and photography. I really like photography.

VVN: How’s school been going for you?

Oium: Really good, I’m taking two college classes right now. I take a CNA class at the college, so I’m going for my license nursing assistant and so it’s been really great to get a jump start on my career before I’m even out of high school.

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