Thu, Aug. 22

Letter: Things continue to look up for second chance on Clark Memorial Library


I hope all the wonderful people who have been collecting books for Friends of the Clark Memorial Library’s Grand Reopening Book Sale, telling their friends, and wishing us well know how much the support we’re receiving from library lovers throughout the Verde Valley means to us.

Clarkdale has had a library for 90 years, but the transition to 21st-century Information Technology was a rough one. And it’s been decades since we’ve had independently managed volunteer support, seven years since we’ve had a librarian. It’s good to know for absolute sure we have friends like you rooting for us, as well as the Yavapai County Free Library District working with the Town of Clarkdale to rectify this situation.

However, we can personally thank only those who have contacted us directly, and we’re hearing we have many more friends motivating those who bring us books and ask what more they can do. So to all our anonymous angels: thank you for caring.

Coming up, we’ll have a FCML Book Collection Booth at the September 9 concert in the Clarkdale Park gazebo, featuring Matchbox Twenty Two. Then one more: the rained-out Come Back Buddy concert has been rescheduled to the following Saturday, September 16. Look for us next to the Lions from 6 pm on. The concerts are from 7-9 pm.

We’ve been told the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors will be voting on the Intergovernmental Agreement needed for the County Library District to proceed at its September 6 meeting. Of course, we’ll be there to cheer Supervisor Randy Garrison and YFLD Director Corey Christians on. And while we’re there, we’ll take all the books other well-wishers want to bring.

Also, watch this space or for book-drop events around Clarkdale leading up to our Reopening Book Sale. And remember, we’ll come to you whenever you can part with a pile of books, old magazines, obsolete LPs, or AV materials you can bear to share. Just email or drop a note to Book Manager David Perrell, FCML, P.O. Box 301, Clarkdale, AZ 86324.

As it says on our “Got books?” flyers, together, there’s no question we can hold up our end of a WIN-WIN-WIN reprieve. And we certainly look forward to getting together with you one way or another.

Therese Hearn


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