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Specializing in special treatment all in day’s work at One Love Pet Spa

Co-owner of One Love Pet Spa Jana McClain and freshly groomed client Chloe pose for a picture. (VVN/Jennifer Volpe)

Co-owner of One Love Pet Spa Jana McClain and freshly groomed client Chloe pose for a picture. (VVN/Jennifer Volpe)

One Love Pet Spa welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes.

“There is no breed that we can’t handle, and there is no dog too large or too small,” said co-owner Jana McClain.

There are some breeds that are known to intimidate groomers, explained McClain. She said she is impressed with her staff in their ability to groom any breed of dog.

Fine tuning care

There a lot of dogs that have had bad experiences at the groomers, or were adopted out of a bad situation. McClain believes that dogs can have PTSD triggers, much like people.

“So that’s what we kind of specialize in - slowing it all down,” she explained.

Her staff takes cues from the animal to see what it needs.

“We really fine tune our care according to what that animal, that specific animal, needs. And then of course, the owners are a great consideration as well.”

McClain said the staff does what the owners ask of them within all means, but the dog’s safety is the No. 1 concern.


One Love Pet Spa currently has two owners and four employees. McClain said she has been working in grooming shops since she was 12. All but one staff member at One Love Pet Spa has more than 20 years of experience in working with animals and grooming them.

“I don’t think that the breed matters that much. I think in any breed, there’s going to be special dogs. I think it’s just watching for those cues and just pay attention to what the animal’s trying to tell us,” she said.


McClain has a certificate in medicinal aromatherapy, and said it is beneficial for both people and animals. Owners are welcome to talk about any problem they have with their animal, from anxiety to health issues.

“All of those things can be addressed with medicinal aromatherapy,” she said.

But if a person is not that into it, it makes a big difference, she noted.

McClain said she has alleviated a lot of her own health problems through aromatherapy. Her previous business, Happy Tails, closed because of her health.

“People cry and can’t believe that I’m even back,” she said of her past ailments.

Prayer and wonderful intentions for her changed everything, she said. McClain then went to a retreat in Page Springs where she was taught aromatherapy and natural ways of dealing with her health problems.

“It changed my life.”

Advice for future dog groomers

“Really, just pay attention, is what I would say,” McClain when asked what advice she would give to future dog groomers.

“Watch the dog’s face. That’s what I’m always telling my girls. You can tell a tremendous about what an animal’s thinking just by the look on their face. Kind of like a person,” she said.

But some people don’t think of dogs in that way.

“So they don’t watch, they don’t communicate with the animal. And I think that’s very important and I think that is part of what sets us aside or sets us apart from other places,” said McClain.

One Love

“It all kind of goes hand in hand,” she said when asked her own healing journey transfers to the animals.

“I think the plants, the animals, the people - that’s why we are called One Love. Because it is one great big love for all living things,” she explained.

“The main thing is just that we love animals. And we love people. We love everybody. And we just pride ourselves on a positive experience for the person and for the animal.”

One Love Pet Spa opened Oct. 4. It is located 101 S. Main St., Suite E, in Cottonwood.

It is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with evening and Saturday appointments upon request. Call 928-649-5771 for more information.

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