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VERDE HERITAGE 1916: Jerome District Made Attractive to Tourists

"Preliminary steps of mine making have not been confined to the purchase of equipment and development work alone but has necessitated the building of roads and so today Jerome offers the tourist a series of drives that surpass in grandeur any in the state."

"The Jerome mining district covers a broad area. With prospects located in every possible direction for miles around and roads connecting these with the County Road, there are many miles that can be traversed by the sightseer. These roads, together with the completion of the Jerome-Prescott road will offer a wonderful inducement to the Easterner, the scenic advantages being far superior to those of any other section of the western country. Every turn of the road, and there are many, brings its different view. Every foot of the way is a vantage point for the ever changing outline of the mountains. The ever changing color makes it all superb. There are rich blues, purples, reds, and far away, all the tones blend in what appears a mighty canyon very like in its magnificence to the Grand Canyon. In the distance the San Francisco Peaks can be seen and when the grandeur of the mountain scenery becomes almost too impressive there is the valley below to lend its quiet charm."

"But even these drives about Jerome, beautiful as they are, do not compare with the glories of the trip from Jerome Junction to the camp. The narrow-gauge railroad clings to the mountain side with only space enough to permit its being. Its tiny engine puffs and pants on is way as if its task was almost too great."

"And that feeling that it might go over the cliff was the thought entertained by an Englishman who a few years ago visited Jerome. He was panic-stricken throughout the 28-mile journey. His fear was such a real thing that even upon arrival at First View it was uppermost in his mind. His terror petrified him. He arrived in Jerome with thanksgiving in his heart and made a vow, which he kept, that he would walk back to the Junction."

(Arizona Republican; Phoenix; December 15, 1916.)

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