Tue, July 23

City planning board to review outdoor merchandise display

The Cottonwood Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Monday to discuss an outdoor merchandise display at an existing retail bicycle shop.

The new owner of the Verde Valley Bicycle Company is in the process of updating the exiting shop, and is requesting a conditional use permit that would allow the outdoor display. The shop is located 743 N. Main St.

A covered awning is currently under construction for the requested outdoor display, and the bicycles would only be out during business hours. The conditional use permit is required for the display.

T.C. Excavating

The Commission will hear a request to extend the completion date of a project that allows the storage of construction and excavation equipment. The project, T.C. Excavating, is located in a C-1 zoned property at 121 S. 6th Street in Cottonwood.

The extension is to allow for additional funding.

Nov. 30, the applicant requested a 24-month extension of the permit in order to complete the remaining items as stipulated in the original approval of the conditional use permit it approved on March 21, 2016.

Reclaimed water for Terra Bene

The Commission will hear a request to extend the completion date of the Terre Bene project due to a continued delay in availability of reclaimed water.

The project, located South Willard Street, north of East Terra Verde Drive in Cottonwood, consists of three large pieces of property on vacant, undeveloped land. The applicant will use the land for agriculture with the intent to grow local produce to sell at farmers markets and set up on-site produce stands to sell from.

A six month extension was granted Jan. 23. The applicant is requesting another extension due to the delay in availability of reclaimed water to be used for the project and continued coordination of grading and the irrigation system installation. Anticipated seeding of the site is set for July 1, 2018.

Cottonwood Planning and Zoning meets Monday at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers located 826 N. Main St. For agendas and minutes, visit