Tue, Jan. 21

City pushing for more business to locate at airport

The Cottonwood City Council Tuesday unanimously approved the proposed Request for Proposals (RFP) for an Airport Tenant/Service Provider.

The goal is to get more business to the airport.

The Cottonwood Airport currently has multiple facilities that are either unused are underutilized and the City Council has provided strategic initiatives for the City of few of which include: Establish Cottonwood as a premier tourist destination; position Cottonwood as a business location; explore new sustainability options; and determine opportunities for possible reductions in expenditures and potential unmet needs requiring additional funding.

Development Resource’s staff has developed a RFP which invites businesses to supply proposals to lease city space and conduct aviation related business from city owned airport facilities. A successful growing business(s) at the airport would likely be able to move the airport toward the strategic initiatives listed above. The intent of the RFP is to not describe the type of business that would be located on the field, although preference will be given to a company that would provide aircraft mechanical services.

Staff says the lease of the facility(s) will generate income in order to make the airport more self-sustaining, and that a business located at the airport will entice growth of the airport as an economic engine.

Getting a restaurant on site is a priority, said Development Services Manager Morgan Scott.

Some Airport stakeholders are concerned that if all facilities are rented to one tenant/business that business would have too much control of the airport.

Dec. 5, the Airport Commission sent “Position Statement and Recommendation” to the Council that states the Commission’s view on rectifying certain existing lease inequities by providing absolute parity in land lease wording.

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