Sun, Dec. 15

Town needs to lift cloak of secrecy on Nancy Gardner situation


Camp Verde Town Manager is hiding the reason why the Town Marshal, Nancy Gardner, is Under Investigation. About 6 weeks ago, on Oct 13, the Camp Verde Town Manager, Russ Martin, placed the Town Marshal, Nancy Gardner, on paid administrative leave so that she could be investigated for SOMETHING by SOMEONE.

Nobody knows for sure what or why she is being investigated or by whom except the Town Manager, and he is not talking. So the public is being kept in the dark about why a local senior marshal official is not at her job. Granted she is still being paid for not working and performing her hired duties. Instead a senior deputy is leading the Marshal’s Office, CMDR Brian Armstrong is acting as the Town Marshal until the investigation is resolved.

Now I am not one to holler conspiracy often, but right now I am ready to HOLLER Conspiracy real loud. An investigation that was supposed to take 21 days has now taken more than twice that long and no resolution has been announced.

Seems to me that the public is being cut out of the process of knowing what out city government is up to and leaving us to believe that decisions are being made behind closed doors, as if to say they are not. Those are the same kind of conditions that cause people to get fired or forced out of their jobs. And politicians find they are not electable.

I think it is long past time for the Town Manager, Russ Martin, to come clean and tell the public what is going on with the Town Marshal and why she is being investigated.

All this secrecy is leading us to doubt our town government and its ability to manage our town and its employees.

Brian B Coley

Camp Verde

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