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Be Fit Fit! Love Your Body!

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

It is all our perception. The same situation/thing/person can be seen as entirely different by two persons. Or even by one person, if that person looks at it from another point of view. “Reality” is just as real as we allow it.

Invariably, the more we use the loving thoughts and words while self-talking, the better our chances at loving ourselves and our bodies.

1) “I hate working out!” – Try to replace this statement with something more positive. It is hard to get our caboose to the gym, but we do it in exchange for long-lasting benefits. So, focus on the positive of the “working out” situation: “Getting to the gym will make me healthier in the long run.” Also, aim at not repeating to yourself you hate your training. If we repeat a statement enough of times, there is a chance we will start believing it and acting as it is real!

2) You are NOT your scale. Rather look at how tight your biceps are, how you just run effortlessly to catch that bus, how high your butt “shelf” is, how energetic you feel and how nice your skin looks. Our weight can fluctuate by several pounds a day! And less weight does not mean healthier. Ever had some gastrointestinal distress and vomited? Lost seven pounds overnight, as a result? Yes? Did you feel great and healthy? No. So, less pounds does not equal any better…

3) Always gift your body with some sort of movement through the day. It will thank you for this! Take a walk around the block, power walk in the morning, using the hiking sticks (for added energy expenditure), swim in the afternoon…

4) Enjoy your (healthy) foods. You become what you eat, so eat healthy and nutritious stuff. Lean proteins and carbs, mostly veggies, healthy fats. Snack on nuts, low glycemic index (=sugar) fruits and other healthy stuff. they will all result in a beautiful, strong, healthy body!

5) Make sure you catch your zzzz! Multiple research indicates that between 7 and 8 hours does us the best. Less than that, and you will not be rested and, due to some complicated hormonal shifts, you will have the tendency to overeat. More than that, and it might be the symptom of depression, for example.

6) Stick that chest out, tighten the belly muscles and pull your shoulders to the back. Do not moan when you get into your car, you are not that tired! ;-) This will result in your body language speaking volumes about how strong and healthy it is and feels! Try it!

7) Promise yourself and your body to exercise in some way daily, to get rest and to eat well: all that work will pay off, I promise!

8) Stay in the moment. While training, do not check your FB. Focus on the muscles you train. Squeeze them. There is proof out there in the scientific world that focusing on the muscles we work increases the gains by about 17%!

9) Be grateful for your body and what it does for you.

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