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"Jerome, January 26. --- James S. Douglas, who dug $150,000,000 worth of copper, gold and silver out of the United Verde Extension mining property here, has renounced his citizenship and declared his intention of returning to his boyhood home in Megantic Province, Quebec, Canada."

"'Rawhide Jimmy' Douglas for half a century has been an Arizona resident and for a quarter century a leading figure in western mining affairs, was a forthright man who gained the nickname for his two-fisted efficiency in mining operation. He is the father of Lewis W. Douglas, former Arizona congressman and director of the federal budget and now principal of McGill University in Montreal."

"Renunciation of his citizenship and return to Canada is a 'matter of sentiment,' Douglas said."

"Douglas has been an outspoken critic of the New Deal, and has assailed the rates of taxation on property and private fortunes which prevail in this country."

"His plans to renounce citizenship, which he obtained before the turn of the century, have been rumored since he began liquidation of his mining properties here."

"Douglas took out his first citizenship papers shortly before his marriage in 1891 to Josephine Leah Williams, of Bisbee, a member of the southwest's wealthiest families."

"Douglas said his wife was joining him in abandoning the United States citizenship, but she could not be reached for a statement in Los Angeles, where she has been maintaining her home with a son, James, Jr., since Douglas began putting his affairs in shape for retirement. She has been in ill health recently."

"His father's announcement came as a 'deep shock' to Lewis Douglas, the university principal said in a telephone conversation from Montreal."

"'I can never and will never renounce my American citizenship,' the son said. 'I was born in Arizona, raised in Arizona, educated in the United States, wore its uniform for more than a decade in time of war, and tried to serve it publicly for more than a decade in time of peace.'"

"The elder Douglas was born in Magantic Township, Quebec, on June 19, 1868, the son of Dr. James Douglas, who abandoned a medical practice to become one of the greatest of mine developers."

"James S. Douglas obtained control of the Little Daisy mine here in 1914. The property had been prospected without result, but Douglas shrewdly continued its development and found one of the richest stores of copper, gold and silver in the west. Before liquidation, United Verde Extension dividends totaled $50,000,000."

"For the last 25 years Douglas has been a dominant figure in mining, financial and railroad affairs. His brother, Walter Douglas, is president of the Southern Pacific Railroad of Mexico."

"Jimmy Douglas closed his office in the City of Douglas early in December and announced he would retire. He was one of the founders of the town which bears his name and which was his home so long."

(Prescott Evening Courier; Thursday, January 26, 1939; pages 1 and 8.)

"Los Angeles, California, January 26. --- James S. Douglas, whose father is liquidating the famous United Verde Extension property in Arizona and renounced his American citizenship to return to his native Canada, does not share his father's views in the matter."

"'I consider myself a good American citizen,' the son said here today. 'I have no comment respecting my father's decision. Insofar as I know, my mother intends to continue making her home here with me.'"

(Prescott Evening Courier; Thursday, January 26, 1939; page 8.)

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