Thu, July 18

Letter: Are you still comfortable having Donald Trump as president


Our so-called president is correct. The election was interfered with by hostile foreign nationals. It is therefore invalid. As is his presidency.

The so-called president’s administration is peddling their own brand of Newspeak. Lies are now alternative facts. Dissent is betrayal, and dissenters are betrayers. Perhaps freedom is slavery will be next.

The so-called president has named a self-described Leninist to be the most powerful member of his cabinet. A man who openly claimed he wants to destroy our government completely. I wouldn’t blame you supporters for choosing to believe this is fake news. I probably would too, were I in your position.

More difficult to dismiss are his words regarding the alt-right. (Alt-right is Newspeak for Nazis and the KKK) He is openly pleased and proud to have provided them with a platform from which to spread their vicious hatred and lies. They are cheering these days. If it was only a matter of freedom of speech, that would be one thing. But these people now feel emboldened to freely act out their ideology. Not hard to see why.

Bannon has recently warned the American news media to “shut up”. I expect an attempt to shut down the free press any day now. State-run media to replace it. Are you okay with having only an English-language version of Pravda? You won’t mind your letters to the editor having to pass the approval of a censor?

Even as I type these words, the so-called president’s GOP supporters, led by Orrin Hatch, are advancing his cabinet picks on their own. The Democrats were not invited to the voting.

This is what a coup looks like, people. And it’s only been 11 days. Are you quite certain you’re still OK with this?

Desiree Valenzuela