Mon, July 22

Letter: It is ridiculous to view retirees as a threat to community


Having worked in Arizona State Government for 23 years, I read with interest the article in the Verde Independent, Sunday January 29, 2017 regarding the Cottonwood City Council’s Strategic Planning meeting.

The article listed the Mission and Vision and the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). The Council will keep these SWOT items in mind while governing in 2017-2018.

At the end of the vision statement it reads, “The City of Cottonwood provides leadership and solutions to ensure a prosperous community where a diversity of people and nature thrive.”

That sounds really good and encouraging until I read the list under the column titled THREATS. They list only one group of people as a threat to accomplishing this vision, the growing retirement population. Wow! Really? What an insult!

Believe me, I have been retired for almost 14 years and I have NEVER been identified as a threat before now.

First of all, the Council approves the housing facilities that have been built that cater to the retirement age group.

Second, I would bet that the majority of volunteers at the hospital, thrift stores and library to name a few, are retired. Is that a threat?

Third, the retirement population spends money at grocery stores, retail stores, drug stores, restaurants and the hospital. Do you really consider this a threat?

How about listing the growing retirement population under Strengths and/or Opportunities?

Better yet, keep your heads in the sand and before long all of you will be retired and then you can be listed as a threat.

Brenda Henderson