Sun, April 05

Letter: Medicare does not need to be ‘modernized’


Remember last summer when candidate Trump set himself apart from the rest of the field by saying things like “THEY want to do a number on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but I say it’s not fair to people who have been paying in for years.” That was then, this is now.

Within days of the election, guaranteed health coverage for seniors was in doubt. Paul Ryan quickly revived his plan to replace it with a fixed-dollar subsidy. Also, when the ACA is repealed several valuable Medicare benefits go with it.

Now if you check Trump’s website it says he wants to “modernize Medicare”. On December 4, 2016, Vice President Pence said Trump “made it clear in the campaign that we’re going to keep our promises in Social Security and Medicare.”

In a recent poll 77 percent of people said that Medicare is a “very important” program, just below the level of support for Social Security at 83 percent.

In my opinion Medicare does not need to be “modernized” as Paul Ryan suggests as those of us who have Medicare and Social Security like it the way it is. I have worked for 52 years for this benefit and do not look on this program as an “Entitlement”.

It appears that this campaign promise was just another lie; nice Bait and Switch Mr. Trump!

Carol Rada


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