Tue, Feb. 18

Letter: We can’t have the FBI interfering in our elections


When we were growing up we called Russian sympathizers, “commies”. Republicans have always taken a hard line toward Russia. What is going on!?!

When did the Republican Party decide Russian is more important than US ties to Western and Eastern Europe?!? Why isn’t the Republican leadership condemning the removal of sanctions against Russia? Why isn’t Congress holding hearing about Russian interference in the election?

Seriously? Are ISIS guns and IEDs more of a threat to the US and US interests than Russian tanks and nuclear weapons? Seriously?

The question remains, is President Trump an agent of Russia? His words and actions sure make it seem that way. When I was growing up we put people in jail for less. Donald Trump cannot get business loans from any American bank, and only one European bank was willing to loan Trump money. WHO IS TRUMP BORROWING MONEY FROM? Do Russian banks “own” Trump? If so, Putin owns our President.

America must REMAIN TOUGH ON RUSSIA. We must contain Russia.

And why isn’t Russian interference into our election being investigated? Why isn’t FBI Comey’s and the leaks at the FBI being investigated. Fine it helped keep Hillary out, but what if it is a Republican next time? Do you want that? It’s crazy. I never thought I would see such blatant interference in an election. We can’t have the FBI interfering in our elections.

David Soule


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