Wed, July 17

Man seen damaging Denny’s sign gets probation

Lonnie Theron Hogan

Lonnie Theron Hogan

CAMP VERDE - Lonnie Theron Hogan appeared in custody before Judge Michael R. Bluff at Yavapai Superior Court in Camp Verde to accept a plea deal and receive sentencing.

Hogan, 45, of Laveen, was arrested Oct. 12, 2016 for disorderly conduct in the area of 89A and Cove Parkway. He was seen damaging signs in the area.

Hogan pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted aggravated assault of a peace officer. He bit one officer and attempted to kick another.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage to a concrete pillar of CenturyLink, and a plastic sign of Denny’s.

Deputy County Attorney Ethan Wolfinger said he saw the body camera footage and spoke with police who were on scene. Wolfinger said police described Hogan as sweating profusely, and that apprehending him was like “trying to contain a slippery fish.” Wolfinger said police told him that he appeared to be under the influence of something; perhaps bath salts.

Wolfinger said he would like to see him screened for mental health and drug abuse. He also noted that Hogan was very polite in court.

Hogan didn’t say that he was under the influence of anything, but did say he was dehydrated. Hogan said he doesn’t remember some of what took place.

“I don’t wanna hurt nobody,” he told Judge Bluff during sentencing, in reference to his assault charges.

Hogan was hanging around Denny’s hoping to get some water or food; he was thirsty and hungry, he said.

He recalled that on that day, he was suffering from insomnia, had climbed a mountain, and was dancing on the sidewalk.

Hogan was sentenced to two years of supervised probation. He was sentenced to 118 days flat time jail, with 117 days credit. He was ordered to pay restitution for his criminal damage.