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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: Feb. 9, 2017

Ted Grussing Photography

Ted Grussing Photography

After covering another fifty or so feet from last night’s shot our friend the Great Blue Heron had arrived at his fishing ponds, he arched his back, swung his legs forward, increased the angle of attack of his wings (angle relative to plane of flight) and spread his wings wide which has the dual effect of braking his speed and stalling himself out of flight and his right foot has just come into contact with the floor of the pond. Another few feet of forward motion which he steps into as he retracts his wings and comes to an elegant stop and begins his quest of finding food. Just wanted to bring last night’s flight where we left him traveling in ground effect to its conclusion. The blue in the wings is not as intense because the angle of the light striking the wings is quite a bit different and the changes the apparent color in feathers … a little bit like the play of color in opal.

Another terrific day and a very early appointment in Cottonwood for me so will be closing this down for the night. Hope your day was as good as mine … started with the daily discovery that I am still here, espresso and a smile knowing that another day had arrived and was about to be lived.



O Passer-by, O passer-by!

Have you good words of me

Upon your lips as I draw nigh

To you each day?

If so, I ask

That you’d them say,

For soon I’m gone and cannot hear,

So speak the kindly word

I beg, and smile while I’m yet near …

Max Ehrmann

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