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Clarkdale to consider proposed increase of police dept. fees

CLARKDALE – A regular meeting of the Common Council of the Town of Clarkdale is set for Feb. 14 at 6 p.m. at the Clark Memorial Clubhouse in the Men’s Lounge.

The Clubhouse is located at 19 N. Ninth St., in Clarkdale.

The Council is expected to hear a presentation by Nation Chair Russell-Winiecki, consider declaring the “Water Utility Code” as public record, and review a proposal of fee changes for Clarkdale Police Department.

Yavapai-Apache Nation Chair Jane Russell-Winiecki is scheduled to make a regarding the distribution of gaming revenues under Proposition 202.

Proposition 202, passed by Arizona voters in 2002, specifies various guidelines for new gaming compacts between the State of Arizona and the respective Indian tribal nations in the state, explained the Council’s staff report. A key provision of Proposition 202 is the sharing of gaming revenue with the state. The stipulations for gaming compacts also permit each individual Indian tribe to retain and administer a portion of the revenue, stated the report.

Specifically, the compacts permit an Indian tribe to make 12 percent of its total annual contribution to “cities, towns, or counties for government services that benefit the general public, including public safety, mitigation of the impacts of gaming, or promotion of commerce and economic development.”

December 2016, the Yavapai-Apache Nation requested Clarkdale to submit a proposal to them identifying the Town’s priorities for funding the January 2017 Proposition 202 distributions, according to the report. Town Manager Gayle Mabery submitted a request for support of the Verde River @Clarkdale project.

A document entitled “Water Utility Code” will be amending Chapter 19, Sections 1-10. Chapter 19, Section 11 “Drought and Water Shortage Preparedness Plan” was reviewed, according to a staff report, and no revisions were necessary - so that chapter will still stay in place as originally adopted.

The recommendation, as stated in the staff report, is to approve the resolution, and declare it as a public record.

If Council supports the adoption of the “Water Utility Code” and has voted to make it a public record by adopting the previous resolution, then the adoption of a proposed ordinance would be the final step in the process to formally adopt the “Water Utility Code.”

Police Department Fees

The Council will consider a proposal to update the fees for the Clarkdale Police Department.

According to the staff report, the department currently charges a flat hourly rate of $50 per officer and $5 per hour per vehicle to provide an officer and vehicle at construction sites and other events for traffic control and security.

A proposal has been made to raise the hourly rate per officer to $60 and the hourly rate per vehicle to $10.

The report stated that there is no current fee for providing a police escort for processions, hauling, wide loads, or other events. This doesn’t include funerals. A proposal has been make to charge $65 per officer per hour plus $0.50 per mile per car.

The department currently charges $5 per fingerprint card, and is proposing a change in fees per card to $15 to be more in line with industry standards, and better compensate for staff time.

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