Sat, Jan. 18

Letter: We went straight to the source to ensure our message was heard


I was one of four Sedona voters who visited the Prescott offices of Republican Rep. Paul Gosar and Senator John McCain February 2.

We received cordial welcomes from their office managers, who sat down, listened, and talked to us for half-an-hour each.

We handed them a list of vital concerns with President Trump’s actions. They promised to forward the list to their bosses.

We made clear that we support a free and independent press, and continuation of sanctions against Russia.  We urged Senator McCain to support his colleague Elizabeth Warren’s bill, requiring Mr. Trump to divest himself of his assets to avoid conflict of interest and violation of the emoluments clause of the US Constitution.

We objected to Mr. Trump’s nominations of unqualified people to several cabinet positions and the vacancy on the US Supreme Court.

We also objected to Mr. Trump’s plan to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, without providing a replacement, his proposal to build a wall at the Mexican border, and his executive order that bans travel by Syrian refugees and people from seven, Muslim-majority countries to the US.

Very importantly, we urged both Rep. Gosar and Senator McCain to reject Republican bills to privatize public lands that are so crucial to Arizona’s economy.

We asked them to set aside party politics and work for Arizonans and all Americans.

We invited both men to attend town-hall meetings in the Verde Valley, so they can hear directly from their constituents.

We were told that Rep. Gosar returns to Prescott every weekend, and Senator McCain to Arizona every month or two, depending on what’s going on in Congress.

The office managers reported that they’ve been flooded with phone calls, e-mails, and protestors against Mr. Trump’s actions since his inauguration two weeks ago.

 All four of us strongly recommend that other community members visit their Congressional offices ~ to “go do democracy.”  Every week, our group plans to visit the Phoenix offices of our congressmen, senators, and Arizona state legislators, to register our concerns. 

Anne Snowden Crosman

Village of Oak Creek

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