Sat, July 20

Caregiver arrested again while out on bond
Woman allegedly stole $190K now charged with stashing property at another elderly woman’s home

Christina Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez

COTTONWOOD – Christina Rodriguez, a 42-year-old caregiver of Village of Oak Creek, was arrested Feb. 16 after the Yavapai County Sheriff’s office confirmed her as a suspect accused of stealing more than $190,000 from an elderly Sedona woman.

She was arrested again Thursday - while out on a $20,000 bond – after detectives found more than $25,000 worth of stolen merchandise at the home of a concerned elderly woman.

According to a news release, the 86-year-old Cottonwood woman called the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in a ‘panic’ after learning about the arrest of Rodriguez and the theft of electronics using an elderly victim’s funds.

“Based on the media information, the woman was aware that only a portion of the stolen property had been recovered,” said Media Relations Coordinator Dwight D’Evelyn of YCSO in the release.

The woman told YCSO that Rodriguez had stopped at her home Wednesday and asked to store electronics items due to a lack of space, the release stated.

“Rodriguez knew the woman from years ago when she assisted the woman’s now-deceased husband with computer work. The woman had not seen Rodriguez for more than six months until this contact and she permitted Rodriguez to store the items in her garage,” said D’Evelyn.

As a result of what she heard in news stories, said YCSO, she now suspected the property in her garage was a portion of the merchandise purchased by Rodriguez using the elderly victim’s unauthorized funds.

She did not want evidence of the crime kept at her home and asked for help, said D’Evelyn.

Detectives immediately went to the Cottonwood residence, said YCSO, and located more than $25,000 worth of electronics stashed by Rodriguez.

“Detectives inventoried the property and confirmed every item belonged to a list of missing merchandise created after the earlier recovery of property seized during the original investigation,” said D’Evelyn.

According to the release, all the items found were brand new and still in the original boxes, including cameras; two drones; several IPhones, IPads, Apple computers and watches; speakers; printers; and flat screen televisions. Some of the merchandise was purchased two years prior, stated the release.

“It was clear to detectives that Rodriguez hid the stolen property at the Cottonwood home to avoid having the items seized and to conceal evidence from her pending criminal case,” said D’Evelyn.

She was currently out on a $20,000 bond from the same case, said YCSO. Early Thursday afternoon, Rodriguez was located leaving a local courthouse and arrested.

She was charged with hindering prosecution, booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center, and remains in-custody on a $25,000 bond.