Sun, Sept. 15

Letter: Urban urban rules create urban development and we prefer rural


Is our rural lifestyle destined to die? Everyone dies right. Maybe it’s just our time. I love living in rural Arizona.

I feel safe here for a lot of reasons. I trust my neighbors and believe they have my best interest at heart.

The air is clean, my lawn is green the sky is blue.

Twenty years ago I lived in Urban Phoenix with all its amenities.

The streets are paved, the water is public, the sewer is public, the fire department is public, there are thousands of Doctors, numerous hospitals, the schools have programs, an abundance of activities and 3,986 people work for the Phoenix Police Department. I like it better here, It feels safe.

85 percent of the population is forcing the 15 percent of us that live on 99 percent of the land to urbanize.

They are forcing their urban standards on us in the name of public safety.

The claim is rural codes are not safe. Living on dirt roads is not safe, having a well and a septic is not safe, and the lord knows we are not smart enough to determine what is best for ourselves.

The discussion is important, because urban rules do not stop growth or protect us they just urbanize. Land owners still have the right to develop, but urban rules create urban development. If paved roads, water volume, and water pressure are requirements the way those are funded is through density. If we can only afford 5,000 for infrastructure and that cost is $50,000 an acre the only way to pay for it is to build 10 homes on that acre. That’s Urban.

Instead of forcing us to urbanize I would appreciate freedom. Yes we are different. Public safety needs different equipment. Personnel need different training, but it’s our life, it’s our lands.

If given the choice I think a significant portion of the 85 percent urban dwellers would chose our lifestyle. I Hope they do not kill us in their attempts to keep us safe.

We can always move there, but I would rather not it’s safer here.

Rob Witt

Camp Verde

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