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More than anything, you have to have 'grit' to get fit

Magdalena in a Sedona marathon

Magdalena in a Sedona marathon

Grit: small, loose particles of stone or sand; the courage to resolve; strength of character.

Are you gritty?

Although we’re going to talk about grit as it refers to determination, its other definition relates. The small steps we take toward our goals -- fitness and otherwise -- are just like those loose particles of stone. When put together, they can form one big rock, just like our daily efforts over time can result in achieving big fitness goals.

Getting healthy takes work. Staying healthy is just as hard. And physical exercise is only part of the story. If we can tap into our strength of character, courage, and resolve, then the sky is the limit when it comes to out fitness and well-being.

What defines a gritty person? First, they are damn good at showing up. Rain or snow, wind or heat, if they have committed to a bike ride, they will be at the meeting point just like they promised. And if there is no other rider—because the other person lacks the grit to face a little bad weather—they will tackle the entire planned route on their own. Maybe even twice.

The gritty realize their potential so it keeps them from giving up. Yes, it’s hard to gain lean muscle mass, but I can do it. So they stick to their regimen and keep working toward their goal.

Even if they fail the first time, those with grit try again. They hate losing and don’t leave anything unresolved. Were you unhappy with your time in the last marathon you ran? Then implement some speed and tempo workouts into your weekly training and knock off those 15 minutes during the next race.

Gritty folks are skilled at removing obstacles from their path to success. If you are pressed for time in the morning for your daily workout routine, get more organized. Lay out your gym clothes and work clothes the night before. Have your water bottle ready to go. Prepare your after workout meal and the day’s snacks in advance. If you need coffee first thing in the morning, get a coffee maker with a timer so you cup can be ready when you wake up.

Gritties know that effort counts twice. So, they apply themselves 200 percent to whatever their next goal is so that things go their way. But when things don’t go their way, they are resilient and always bounce back with even more effort.

The grittiest among us are also extremely skilled at cultivating even more grit. They define the goal—say, losing 10 pounds.

Then they develop related interests such as hiking or swimming, or training in the gym.

And they surrender themselves with gritty kindred spirits who support their goals, understand their drive, and contribute to their success.

So stay gritty, my friends.

Magdalena Romanska, Ph.D., Certified Wellness Coach and Fitness Specialist and the owner of the Be Fit Fit Personal Training Studio ( Visit her “Be Fit Fit” blog at

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