Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Time to rid government of pawns of misguided powerful forces


For too long now I have remained aloof of the political landscape in America. I believed that whatever happened at a national level really did not affect me locally.

I turned 65 this year and the years of hard work are finally reaping those just earned rewards of Social Security and Medicare. So when I caught wind of possible major changes to both Social Security and Medicare I perked up like a prairie dog and began to sniff out which direction the danger was coming from.

It didn’t take long to detect the source since all the shenanigans I’d been hearing about coming out of the Trump camp are well documented in all our news sources (most trustworthy) across our great land.

After much cogitation and research I came to the conclusion that my problem was but part of a larger issue. It turns out that all that I value the most: environmental health, civil rights, freedom of choice, equality of all people and women’s rights were under attack! How could this have happened? What is going on? Am I in some sort of time warp?

After taking a few long breaths I started visiting all my political representatives websites. I was appalled to see that they were all onboard with the proposed changes which also told me that were onboard with bigotry, environmental pollution, misogyny, and the idea that a chosen few had the right to control the many.

I always thought that our political representatives actual represented the peoples will and values but I have a hard time believing that the majority of Arizona residents are bigots, misogynists, in favor of environmental pollution or so weak willed that they need a authority figure to guide them. Just from personal experience 99.9 percent of the people I know and meet are kind, open minded and hearted individuals that for the most part are willing to lend a helping hand to most anyone and are strong individuals.

Are my political representatives getting poor information, are they just not listening, are there other factors influencing their decisions that I am not aware of?

The constitution ensures that I/we receive fair representation and I am just not seeing that. I am open to a broader understanding of how all things political work so please enlighten me.

In the mean time I will ponder what my options are. This letter to the editor and copies to our political representatives is my first option.

Hopefully they will see that there are those of us that are unhappy with their performance as elected officials. I encourage other Arizona residents to write letters either demanding answers or if you are so inclined encouraging our elected officials to continue on as they are doing, after all we do have freedom of speech.

If, however, you are discontent and have repeatedly communicated with your elected officials so stating your dissatisfaction in a civil way then know that we do have another option.

I call this the option of final frustration, which would be to recall our elected officials and find a more appropriate representative willing to be a voice of the people and not a pawn of misguided powerful forces.

Bill Sitkin