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"Glowing tributes to the memory of Marcus Jay Lawrence marked speeches at Cottonwood yesterday," October 29, "as the Marcus Jay Lawrence Memorial Clinic was dedicated and formally opened in ceremonies attended by more than 300 residents of the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona."

"The clinic, a complete modern medical facility, was dedicated to be a fitting memorial to Mr. Lawrence and 'a worthy recognition of his fine attributes, from the one who knew him best, his mother,' by Joseph H. Morgan, Prescott attorney, who presented the building to the town of Cottonwood on behalf of Mrs. Carrie J. Lawrence, who constructed and equipped the clinic."

"Thomas B. Jones, of Cottonwood, former Yavapai County Supervisor, paid extreme tribute to Lawrence in a keynote speech in which the clinic was accepted on behalf of Cottonwood and the Verde Valley. 'There is, in the heart of every one who knew Marcus Jay Lawrence, a sweet and lasting memory,' he said. 'When you met him for the first time, you received warm greetings, and the next time, he would speak to you and call you by name. He could walk down the streets of the little community and call more people by name than some of us who have lived here 30 years.'"

"'He was generous and kind to everyone. He gained momentum in his contacts and friendships until he had planted himself deeply in the hearts of residents of the entire district, and judging from the nature of his planning, he was building for permanency of residence among us!'"

"'What could be more fitting than a monument dedicated to the service of humanity, especially the underprivileged?' he continued. 'The very act itself means immortalization.'"

"Morgan praised the memory of Lawrence in his feature address. 'Many of you knew Marcus Jay Lawrence.' he stated. 'Before coming to Arizona, Marcus had seen many parts of the world. He had traveled widely abroad and had twice circled the globe. With a full knowledge of many lovely places on this earth, he selected for his permanent home our own Verde Valley. He loved the hills and valleys of Arizona, and the people of this section. I am sure that of all the places, he would have preferred to have his name perpetuated here!'"

"'He was open-handed and generous and, in his shy way, assisted those who were less fortunate.'"

"Morgan expressed appreciation for cooperation extended by Dr. A. C. Carlson, who will supervise the clinic activities; Dr. John T. Taylor, who will direct clinic affairs; Elliott J. Flood, Gilmore and Ekman, E. G. Broughton, and to Mr. Edens, of Cottonwood."

"Mrs. Lawrence was presented to the crowd which gathered for the dedication."

"Morgan announced that Mrs. Lawrence has made provisions for maintenance of the clinic."

"Rachel [Becchetti] Verretto, accordionist, presented special selections, and a quartet made up of Mrs. W. S. Connor, Mrs. Dave Jones, Mrs. Jeff Williams, and Mrs. Al Trustcott, all of Clarkdale, sang group vocal numbers during the ceremonies."

(Prescott Evening Courier; October 30, 1939; pages 1 and 8.)

Marcus Jay Lawrence was born at Cleveland, Ohio, on July 19, 1907. He is the son of Mortimer J. and Carrie (Snyder) Lawrence. He married Irma Jane Stout. The death of Marcus J. Lawrence at Prescott on May 11, 1939, was determined to be a homicide. (Sharlott Hall Museum Library and Archives.)

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