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Woman caught on video vigorously shaking baby on street corner
‘The child did not appear to suffer any serious injuries and is currently in the care of DCS’

 Khadija Greer-Simkins

Khadija Greer-Simkins

COTTONWOOD – Khadija Greer-Simkins, 19, was arrested after being caught on video vigorously shaking her 10-month-old baby at the corner of Main Street and SR 260, according to a news release from the Cottonwood Police Department.

The incident was recorded on a cell phone by a witness.

Greer-Simkins was charged with aggravated assualt of a minor, and child abuse and endangerment, said Detective Sergeant Tod Moore.

Police were called on scene after witnesses reported observing Greer-Simkins poking the baby in the eyes and violently shaking the child, according to the release.

When officers arrived on scene, they located Greer-Simkins and her boyfriend with the child in an unsecured car seat in the parking lot of Giant Convenience store, said police. The officers noticed the child appeared to be sleeping. According to the release, Greer-Simkins began yelling at officers which caused a dog in the vehicle to bark.

The officers’ concern heightened when the child did not react to the loud noise, said Sgt. Moore.

Officers reviewed witness cell phone video which depicted Greer-Simkins holding the small child by the sides of the face and rigorously shake the child back and forth, the release stated. According to police reports, the baby’s legs were suspended and the child was only being held by the head. The video further shows what appears to be Greer-Simkins slapping the baby on the face at the conclusion of the shaking, the release stated.

Greer-Simkins was taken into custody by officers were she began to yell and spit at them, said Sgt. Moore.

Officers removed the child from the vehicle at which point the child awoke, according to the release. Due to concerns surrounding the potential for brain damage, Cottonwood Fire responded to treat the child before transporting her to VVMC, police said.

“The child did not appear to suffer any serious injuries and is currently in the care of DCS. I have seen too often in shaken baby cases where permanent brain damage or death occurs. We appear to be very fortunate this time,” said Sgt. Moore.

The Cottonwood Police Department have contacted Greer-Simkins six times since October in response to citizen concerns of her holding the child while panhandling at the same location, the release stated. In all circumstances prior, said police, the child was found to be safe and in good health.

Greer-Simkins had been advised of local social services available, and she is currently being held at the Yavapai County Jail, said Sgt. Moore.

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