Tue, July 16

Letter: Flashback: All’s well that ends well


In November 1964, while I was Manager of the Camp on top of Mingus, we booked a Girl Scout troop of 40 Girl Scouts and I was surprised when they showed up, there was one girl Scout leader, the Scoutmaster, and no other adults.

I assigned them five cabins, eight in each, and was surprised their bus driver told me he didn’t want to stay the one night. After he left, it started snowing, and before you knew it, we had an early snowfall of 10 inches.

My wife and I turned on the evening news, and Channel 3 is announcing, “40 Girl Scouts on Mingus Mountain are stranded out in the snow.” Next I get a call from one of the mothers. “I want you to send my daughter home now. Do you know who I am? My husband is the campaign manager for Sam Goddard, and I want my daughter home now.”

I replied, “Your bus driver called and said the Highway is closed above the Prescott turnoff.” I went to bed, and at 11 p.m., I awaken to flashing lights from a Sherriff’s Jeep. He says, “I understand there are a bunch of Girl Scouts stranded in the snow. I go with him over to the Dining Hall, and there were 41 sleeping bags in front of the fireplace, with the girls laughing and not wanting to go to sleep, as many had never even seen snow before.

I introduce the officer to the Scout leader, who tells the officer, “Not one other mother wanted to help me on this weekend trip, and the woman who called the TV station, is always causing trouble for me. Eventually, I cleared the road with my snowplow, and the girls went on home after two days.

Paul Lidbeck